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ALIASES: Shadowflame
First Appeared:

In the first issue of Shadowflame we see Tom Wyatt at the end of his rope a month after the murder.  He attempted to end his own life and instead he found himself transported to a ship orbiting the Earth. The aliens aboard explained that he could not kill himself for he was the last of a chosen line; a family line which possessed the perfect genetic imprint to receive the 'gift of power' and become a third holy man of lsht. After hearing the story of Zakraan and his family, Tom reluctantly agreed to take the power. In a painful ceremony he was endowed with powers that set him apart from other men. He was now a superman, capable of vast feats of strength, flight, telekinetic force bolts and all the rewards of being a holy man. This gave him not only great powers, but a reason to live.


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