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REAL NAME: Shelby Cooper
First Appeared: Issue 1
Series: Gearhead


 Tom was a NYC policeman who was very ambitious and would work the normal 16-20 hour days trying to get ahead and be a good cop. He was investigating matters the average cop wouldn't dare touch and came under the notice of Don Tony Baltinetti, the crime boss who controls all of Manhattan and other venues as we learn later. They put a contract out on Tom Wyatt and visited his home late one night to find he wasn't home. They found Tom's wife instead. There was a scuffle and Janice was killed. Tom was distraught and took a leave of absence from the force.




A foulmouthed tomboy grease monkey. In a world that’s outlawed combustion engines, Shelby Cooper lives outside the great city in her dad’s old shop. She’s an ace mechanic, and is estranged from her brother, Rod. She learns that her father was a vigilante superhero, and takes up his Wrench with zeal.

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