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SDCC Special Appearances from Alexa Vega & Jesse McCartney & Exclusives

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Arcana Comics is Excited to announce a couple of special appearances at the Arcana Comics Panel on Thursday evening!

San Diego Comic Con is a mecca for talent across the entertainment industry. It’s no different this year with the news that Alexa Vega, talented actress from the Spy Kids franchise and many other roles, and Jesse McCartney, platinum selling recording artist, actor, and voice talent will both make a special appearance during the Arcana Comics Panel from 6:00 – 7:00 PM, Thursday, July 21st in room 23ABC.

Alexa Vega and Jesse McCartney are two of the stars in the upcoming 3-D luximation animated film, THE CLOCKWORK GIRL, based on the Arcana Comics graphic novel by Sean Patrick O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna.

In the timeless land of Haraway, a robot girl, Tesla (ALEXA VEGA), is given the gift of life from her creator, Wilhelm the Tinkerer. Tesla meets Huxley (JESSE MCCARTNEY), the monster boy, who happens to be the son of her creator’s chief rival. Together the two break into – and out of – ancient fortresses, fight robots, and travel from the depths of the ocean to the skies above as they attempt to solve the mystery of the plague that has stricken their town.

The 3-D luximation animated film also features the voice talents of Carrie-Anne Moss (THE MATRIX), Jeffrey Tambor (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT), Brad Garrett (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND), and Adrian Hough (MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY) amongst others.

THE CLOCKWORK GIRL (ISBN:9780062080394) was recently re-released by Harper Collins with a new forward by creators Sean Patrick O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna, along with playful, full-page pin-ups of the characters.

Also appearing at the Arcana Comics panel are Arcana founder Sean Patrick O’Reailly (KADE, THE CLOCKWORK GIRL), Erik Hendrix (SIDESHOWS), Brooke Burgess (BECOMING), Mike Kalvoda (STRAW/BANSHEE), Matt Wilson (SCROOGE & SANTA), and Ryan Colucci (HARBOR MOON). The panel will discuss some of the amazing talent coming out of Arcana, one of the world’s largest graphic novel producers. With over 150 graphic novels released, find out what the publisher currently has coming in the near future and get a sneak peak at the 3D animated feature film Clockwork Girl, Arcana’s slate of interactive apps, and more. See how independent publishers make their mark in the comic book industry and blur the lines between mediums, Arcana style. Attendees will get free comics and the first in a series of Arcana Universe posters.

While you’re on hand for the convention, be sure to stop by the Arcana Comics booth, 2415, to see some of our amazing exclusives, debut books, posters, shirts, and signings. We are also sharing the booth with Platinum Studios’ COWBOYS AND ALIENS, so don’t miss it!

Our exclusives this year, which are featured on the SDCC Exclusives list on the OFFICIAL SDCC WEB SITE, are the KADE ART BOOK and the SIDESHOWS LAUNCH EDITION.

The KADE ART BOOK features original work from some of the most talented artists in the industry! Tim Bradstreet’s unique style sets the tone with an original cover, while Tim Seeley, Brent Schoonover, Greg Horn, Kevin Mellon, Ashley Wood, Liam Sharp, Ben Templesmith, Greg Titus, and Whilce Portacio provide contributions to this amazing art book.

The SIDESHOWS LAUNCH EDITION features extras not available in the retail version of the book. It’s 1950′s Las Vegas & the mob enlisted former circus attractions as their aces in the hole. These SideShows had a little secret — they really did have the abilities they pretended to. High rollers, lounge singers, cigarettes, alcohol, and superpowers. Welcome to Las Vegas. Don’t miss the book Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL, IRREDEEMABLE) describes as “Energetic, dynamic art and a great story.”

Each exclusive is extremely limited and is sure to sell out, so get one before they’re gone!

We are also debuting the first ARCANA UNIVERSE POSTER and several new titles, which haven’t hit the stands yet.


Benderspink nabs time-travel tale – Arcana’s Continuum to be made into a motion picture!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

From Variety’s web site at :

Benderspink has picked up feature rights to time-travel actioner “Continuum” from the Arcana Comics graphic novel.

Story’s penned by Arcana owner Sean O’ Reilly with Stephen Snyder and illustrated by B.C. Hailes.

Story turns on an event dubbed “The Longest Day in History” in which the world has been left in ruins. After years of searching for new planets to call home, scientists have found a way to make a one-way trip through time with an elite team of soldiers, accompanied with a leading historian, looking for a way to go back and save the world from itself.

Benderspink is producing “Burt Wonderstone” at New Line, “Business Trip” with Judd Apatow at Uni and recently reupped at New Line for two years. Principals Chris Bender and JC Spink are exec producers on “The Hangover: Part II.”