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Marlow in the Sacramento News & Review

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Marlow and his creator, Aaron Nelson, are featured in the Sacramento News & Review, a free magazine with 350,000 readers weekly. Marlow even made the cover! Below is some of what they had to say about the book, but you can read it in full over at THIS LINK (just head to page 16-19 for the feature).

“… That he’d never attempted comics was beside the point. Here, he says, he recognized a clear void: a comic-book hero based on one of the Greek literature greats…

Released this week and illustrated in bold, punch frames by Dario Carrasco, Marlow reads as a complex yet pulpy adventure rife with comic-book worthy images – a loyal band of allies, a cold-hearted villain, scheming pirates and a throng of soul-dead zombies – as well political themes that examine, among other subjects, globalism and the war on terror…”

The feature covers the history of Marlow as well as Nelson’s inspirations, writing history, and plans for the future. Be sure to read the entire feature by CLICKING HERE.

To order a copy of Marlow, keep reading!

ISBN: 978-1-897548-30-1

Diamond Code: SEP118014

Arcana Project Site:

Written By: Aaron Nelson

Art By: Dario Carrasco

Marlow is a zombie story inspired by Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. It’s about one man’s journey into the darkness of his soul, and his discovery that perhaps we’re all zombies. Marlow is an ex-Marine caught in a dilemma impossible to solve: commit atrocious acts for a global corporation in order to receive medicine that keeps him from reverting to a zombie state, or walk away and suffer the fate of becoming some terrible creature. Struggling with his fears of his affliction and the monster he might become, Marlow abandoned his wife and young daughter, losing his dignity and freedom as he chose a nihilistic life. It is only during this journey told in the story that Marlow realizes that perhaps by avoiding suffering he has become like the zombies he so fears to become and that the only way out is to suffer his fate and become one. “Marlow is a zombie tale about suffering and its part in our humanity, and, in that sense, not about zombies at all. interviews Divine Intervention’s Frank Barbiere

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Stephanie Shamblin Gray from recently sat down with Frank Barbiere, the creator and writer of Arcana’s Divine Intervention, which can still be ordered through Diamond (JUL110808). Below is what he had to say and be sure to head over to to read the interview in full.

A conflicted, contract killer, could hardly be considered a hero. Things change when he stumbles into an ancient conflict between the Templar agency, a clandestine organization that protects powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and strange, demonic forces seeking to control the world. After gaining mysterious, angelic powers from a freak accident Marc must dive headfirst into a dangerous new world where he is hunted by deadly monsters who will stop at nothing to unlock the secret of his new powers and possess them for themselves. reporter Stephanie Shamblin Gray caught up with the writer of Divine Intervention, Frank Barbiere, to ask him a few questions about the book.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Can you tell us a little about the story of Divine Intervention?

Frank Barbiere: Divine Intervention tells the story of Marc Graham, a mourning hitman whose life of violence has led to the tragic death of his girlfriend.  Marc manages to stumble into a conflict between the Templar Agency, a modern, re-imagined take on the knights Templar who protect humanity from dangerous, religious artifacts, and a dark warlock who seeks a specific artifact recently recovered by the Templars.  In a chance encounter with both sides, Marc manages to get his hands on said artifact and absorbs its powers, thus becoming the target of all the forces at play.  Things progress as Marc tries to make sense of his new powers and escape his pursuers. Ultimately, Marc seeks redemption in his new angelic powers and attempts to aid the Templars in their battle against evil.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: There are quite a few significant characters in this book. Without spoiling anything, what can you tell us about them?

Frank Barbiere: Part of the fun of creating this story world was populating it with the cast of characters.  Though the book is relatively short, we tried to give readers a quick snapshot of all the important players.  Marc acts as our entry point, as he is discovering this world along with the reader.  Marc is a good man at heart, though he doesn’t believe in himself and has been trapped in a life of violence.  The book is very much about his personal journey to find his place in the world.  On the Templar side of things we have Gavin Oleander, a sharp-witted businessman who runs the organization.  Though he has a whole army at his disposal, his main field agent is Charity, a red headed, leather clad woman who appears on the very first pages. Charity is a battle-hardened, sword swinging warrior who never backs down from a fight.  As for the villain in our book, his name is Adel and he is a dark warlock with an army of demons at his command.  Though we don’t get to see it, the book insinuates there is a history between Oleander and Adel, and that’s definitely something I hope to explore in possible future volumes.

There’s a lot more to the interview, so please CLICK HERE to go to to read the rest!

51 Delta’s Sean Dulaney: Hogan’s Heroes at Area 51

Monday, August 15th, 2011

During SDCC, ComicsBulletin sat down to discuss 51 Delta with creator, Sean Dulaney. Below is an excerpt from the interview, but you can read the entire thing at the ComicsBulletin site BY CLICKING HERE.

You can see some preview pages from the book below as well. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, it can still be ordered through Diamond and book stores online (DIAMOND NOV100709 / ISBN 978-1-897548-93-6). As always, you can pick up a copy at our store as well. (CLICK HERE FOR STORE LINK TO 51 DELTA.)

One of the most fun aspects of attending San Diego Comic-con is that it gives you the chance to learn about a whole lot of comic books that you might never have heard of. So I had a great time meeting Sean Dulaney, who’s the writer of a very silly science fiction comic called 51 Delta. Come read this interview and see if you agree with me that this wacky comic seems well worth checking out.

Jason Sacks: I’m here with Sean Dulaney, the writer of a new book called 51 Delta from Arcana Comics. Tell us what the book’s about.

Sean Dulaney: The quick and dirty version – well not that dirty – it’s basically Hogan’s Heroes at Area 51. The aliens, of course, are kept at Area 51 for their own protection and not to worry the general population. But while they’ve been there, this particular hangar full of aliens have been acting up, raising all kinds of hell around the base, trying to get out. And it turns out that’s a distraction, because they’ve created an underground railroad for other aliens whose worlds have been invaded, underneath the base without the Air Force’s knowledge.

The professor that’s helped them, he’s been kidnapped by the alien invaders, so it’s basically up to the aliens and the son of the professor, who’s been shanghaied by the Air Force, to try to (1) find the professor and (2) protect the Earth from these invaders.

Of course, we’ve got a wide assortment of aliens in the delta hangar:

  • There’s Gil, who’s basically the ringleader. Imagine Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory that has to live with a bubble of water over his head.
  • There’s Misty, who was the first alien the professor encountered, as just a formless ball of gas, who’s now taken the form of a beautiful naked woman.
  • Then you have Clicker, who’s probably the smallest members, but he’s also one of the trickiest ones to write for because he could not actually speak. He could only communicate with little bits of dialogue that he’s picked up from television and radio that he picked up with his antenna. Which also raises a bit of a problem when they try to find a way to disguise themselves electronically, because the antennae cause interference.

Thank you to ComicsBulletin for the interview and be sure to read the entire interview HERE.


Joe Martino talks about Ripperman

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

First Comic News recently sat down to discuss the upcoming Arcana Comics’ release, Ripperman (DIAMOND AUG110798), with creator Joe Martino. Below is an excerpt from the interview, which you can read in its entirety HERE.

Ripperman is a labor of love for Joe Martino. He has been working on the character for more then 20 years; of course the early work wasn’t for publication. But he has carried the Ripperman with him for a long time. This October Ripperman will be collected in a new trade paperback from Arcana. Joe Martino stopped by First Comics News to let our readers know what to expect from Ripperman.

First Comics News: Who is Ripperman?

Joe Martino: He is a character that I created in late 1987. At that time, as well as today, it seemed as though all you heard about were that people were being killed and worse! I kept wondering, ‘Where is God in all of this? Why doesn’t he do something?’ Receiving no answer, I came up with one in the darkest reaches of my mind… What if God and the Devil got together and created a killer of killers? That was all the incentive I needed. The Ripperman was born! The Ripperman was born out of the necessity for someone to dole out vengeance and justice to those who would have otherwise escaped their deserved ends.”

1st: Why can’t Joseph remember who he is at the beginning of the story?

Joe: Because he didn’t exist before that day. He was actually “born” that day on the steps of that small church in Timeless, NY.

1st: Ripperman fights both angels and demons, whose side is he on?

Joe: He is on his own side and as people will see he has reason to hate both sides. It really is a story about finding your way in a world that you just don’t understand. Ripperman needs to find his own place in the world not whoever is trying to control him. It is also a story of redemption and picking yourself up after a big loss.

1st: Both God and the Devil play a role in the story.

Joe: I use God and the Devil as characters the same way some writers use Zeus or Hades. I wanted to make people think a little bit and using these higher or lower beings just made sense to me. I am not a highly religious person but I do believe in a higher power.

Thank you to First Comic News for the interview and please CLICK HERE to read the entire interview.