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From the Tomb Reviews Dead Cell

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

From The Tomb recently took a look at Dead Cell and liked what they saw! Below you can read an excerpt from the review, but be sure to head over to the web site to read the entire thing. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FULL REVIEW.

Story: 4.0 out of 5
At first I was really hoping this was not going to be too much like Syndrome, and after reading further into it I was glad it wasn’t. Barker has a very unique voice that he uses to tell a very complex story. I don’t want to spoil anything but I thought that the main character was just a horror comic narrator until the end. The way she was presented was different and I thought really great, until the end when we got the twist. And don’t get me wrong great twist. The only problem that I had with any of the writing had to be the “Hood” story. I found it to be a little too stereotypical. For the depth that John put into the other stories, that one seemed to flat.

Dying Breath: 4.0 out of 5
I liked this book a lot. I thought it gave a fresh breath to a look at psychological horror, and it was presented on an anthology level. Now saying that it was an anthology don’t let that remove you from knowing that there is an overarching storyline at work. Simmons’ art was great and fit the stories really well. Barker’s use of the english language to get the story off was fantastic (better than I can do in trying to sum it up, haha). The Dead Cell might not be for everyone, but it was for me. Worth a look if you want something that is unusual and makes you think.

Thanks to From the Tomb for the great review and, again, be sure to read the entire review HERE.

Remember, you can still get the book! Below is the ordering information you can take to your local comic book store to get them to order it.

SYNOPSIS: How would the world be changed if the mentally ill were allowed to determine reality? The Dead Cell explores the experiments of the recently graduated Monica McCoy, and her employment with the secret “Dream Research Program” at Breckenridge State Hospital. While being briefed on the basics, nothing can prepare her for the horrors she encounters upon reporting for duty. What ensues is a tale of madness, reality, and the supernatural chronicling one woman’s journey as she comes face to face with the horror of The Dead Cell.

Bloody Disgusting Covers Awakenings

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Bloody Disgusting, THE online source for horror news, recently covered Eric Hobb’s Awakenings. They say of the book, “What’s so intriguing about this story is not the fact that it’s set in the future, nor the whole ‘am I the serial killer’ thing, but that it’s moves in directions you could never imagine even if you sat on your ass thinking for weeks straight. If you like mysteries, serial killers, and good comics, don’t miss this debut graphic novel from Eric Hobbs.

You can read the entire feature on Awakenings at the Bloody Disgusting site HERE.


AWAKENINGS GN – ISBN: 978-1-926914-30-5 / DIAMOND: JUN110824
By (W)Eric Hobbs (A) Gabe Pena. Set in the year 2062, New York detective Spencer Straight is hot on the trail of a gruesome serial killer with a peculiar trademark only to find himself on the run when every lead points to the one person he never would have suspected – himself! Forced underground, Spencer discovers a secretive presence may be the culprit behind the seemingly senseless killings. A force many have tried to stop without success. A force that’s already chosen its next victim: Spencer’s son! SC, FC, $19.95.


The Gwaii 3D Comic Book Is More Than Just FX – Win PromoCodes For Full Unlock

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

From… You can read the full article on their site, so CLICK HERE to read the whole article, which includes a contest! You can win a free download of the app OR a free download of the entire story, all 80 pages!

We know comics can capture the often elusive 8-15 year-old reader, but there is an educational component to traditional comics that is lacking.

Enter The Gwaii – 3D Comic Book, (universal) by Mobad Games. The Gwaii aims to bridge the gap between educational book-apps that promote reading and the immersive fun of comic books. And, they sprinkle in a dash of 3D to make sure it appeals.

I first met Mobad games when they released a similarly 3D children’s interactive book called The Penelope Rose, which captivated me with its delicacy. But they’ve upped the 3D, the action and the target audience in this new title.

The Gwaii is serialized – the first 30 pages come included in the initial price and two subsequent chapters are available for in-app purchase, making the total cost for this 80-page adventure around six dollars.

The tale is set in a mythological Northern Canada inhabited by “Strange Creatures” of the wild more than man or regular beast. Tamu, a young Sashquash has seen his mother kidnapped by hunters and sets out on a quest to bring her home. This quest element is so crucial to a good story – it’s a formula that worked for Odysseus and Batman and it plays out tremendously well here.

On his journey, Tanu will befriend an orphaned wildcat; do battle with everything from other mythical creatures to an evil raven -who bears a striking similarity in speech and motive to to Golem of Lords of the Rings – to man himself; and discover his inner strength.

The story is captivating, with real emotional depth and genuine suspense – more than enough to keep kids turning pages. And the art is absolutely beautiful – vibrant, cartoonish, but never silly. The backgrounds are rich and alive with detail and the ambient forest soundtrack is a pleasure on the ears and a welcome change from the noise most kid-apps and games make.

I can’t say The Gwaii is a cinematic 3D experience, but both the words and the images do seem to pop up from the page. Holding the iPad at different angles adds to the illusion of depth.

As for the interface, it’s seamless. The contents page allows for visual navigation by chapter or page.

There is the option to read the text alone or have it narrated by voice-actors who do a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. In either mode, tapping on a word will cause it to be spoken aloud, so there’s no frustration for struggling readers.

REMEMBER, head over to the AppTudes site and read the entire article for CONTEST details, which tell you how you can win a free version of the app. Two lucky winners will receive a free copy of the Gwaii App, while two grand prize winners will receive all three chapters of the Gwaii App, 80 full pages, free! interviews Divine Intervention’s Frank Barbiere

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Stephanie Shamblin Gray from recently sat down with Frank Barbiere, the creator and writer of Arcana’s Divine Intervention, which can still be ordered through Diamond (JUL110808). Below is what he had to say and be sure to head over to to read the interview in full.

A conflicted, contract killer, could hardly be considered a hero. Things change when he stumbles into an ancient conflict between the Templar agency, a clandestine organization that protects powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and strange, demonic forces seeking to control the world. After gaining mysterious, angelic powers from a freak accident Marc must dive headfirst into a dangerous new world where he is hunted by deadly monsters who will stop at nothing to unlock the secret of his new powers and possess them for themselves. reporter Stephanie Shamblin Gray caught up with the writer of Divine Intervention, Frank Barbiere, to ask him a few questions about the book.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Can you tell us a little about the story of Divine Intervention?

Frank Barbiere: Divine Intervention tells the story of Marc Graham, a mourning hitman whose life of violence has led to the tragic death of his girlfriend.  Marc manages to stumble into a conflict between the Templar Agency, a modern, re-imagined take on the knights Templar who protect humanity from dangerous, religious artifacts, and a dark warlock who seeks a specific artifact recently recovered by the Templars.  In a chance encounter with both sides, Marc manages to get his hands on said artifact and absorbs its powers, thus becoming the target of all the forces at play.  Things progress as Marc tries to make sense of his new powers and escape his pursuers. Ultimately, Marc seeks redemption in his new angelic powers and attempts to aid the Templars in their battle against evil.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: There are quite a few significant characters in this book. Without spoiling anything, what can you tell us about them?

Frank Barbiere: Part of the fun of creating this story world was populating it with the cast of characters.  Though the book is relatively short, we tried to give readers a quick snapshot of all the important players.  Marc acts as our entry point, as he is discovering this world along with the reader.  Marc is a good man at heart, though he doesn’t believe in himself and has been trapped in a life of violence.  The book is very much about his personal journey to find his place in the world.  On the Templar side of things we have Gavin Oleander, a sharp-witted businessman who runs the organization.  Though he has a whole army at his disposal, his main field agent is Charity, a red headed, leather clad woman who appears on the very first pages. Charity is a battle-hardened, sword swinging warrior who never backs down from a fight.  As for the villain in our book, his name is Adel and he is a dark warlock with an army of demons at his command.  Though we don’t get to see it, the book insinuates there is a history between Oleander and Adel, and that’s definitely something I hope to explore in possible future volumes.

There’s a lot more to the interview, so please CLICK HERE to go to to read the rest!

51 Delta’s Sean Dulaney: Hogan’s Heroes at Area 51

Monday, August 15th, 2011

During SDCC, ComicsBulletin sat down to discuss 51 Delta with creator, Sean Dulaney. Below is an excerpt from the interview, but you can read the entire thing at the ComicsBulletin site BY CLICKING HERE.

You can see some preview pages from the book below as well. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, it can still be ordered through Diamond and book stores online (DIAMOND NOV100709 / ISBN 978-1-897548-93-6). As always, you can pick up a copy at our store as well. (CLICK HERE FOR STORE LINK TO 51 DELTA.)

One of the most fun aspects of attending San Diego Comic-con is that it gives you the chance to learn about a whole lot of comic books that you might never have heard of. So I had a great time meeting Sean Dulaney, who’s the writer of a very silly science fiction comic called 51 Delta. Come read this interview and see if you agree with me that this wacky comic seems well worth checking out.

Jason Sacks: I’m here with Sean Dulaney, the writer of a new book called 51 Delta from Arcana Comics. Tell us what the book’s about.

Sean Dulaney: The quick and dirty version – well not that dirty – it’s basically Hogan’s Heroes at Area 51. The aliens, of course, are kept at Area 51 for their own protection and not to worry the general population. But while they’ve been there, this particular hangar full of aliens have been acting up, raising all kinds of hell around the base, trying to get out. And it turns out that’s a distraction, because they’ve created an underground railroad for other aliens whose worlds have been invaded, underneath the base without the Air Force’s knowledge.

The professor that’s helped them, he’s been kidnapped by the alien invaders, so it’s basically up to the aliens and the son of the professor, who’s been shanghaied by the Air Force, to try to (1) find the professor and (2) protect the Earth from these invaders.

Of course, we’ve got a wide assortment of aliens in the delta hangar:

  • There’s Gil, who’s basically the ringleader. Imagine Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory that has to live with a bubble of water over his head.
  • There’s Misty, who was the first alien the professor encountered, as just a formless ball of gas, who’s now taken the form of a beautiful naked woman.
  • Then you have Clicker, who’s probably the smallest members, but he’s also one of the trickiest ones to write for because he could not actually speak. He could only communicate with little bits of dialogue that he’s picked up from television and radio that he picked up with his antenna. Which also raises a bit of a problem when they try to find a way to disguise themselves electronically, because the antennae cause interference.

Thank you to ComicsBulletin for the interview and be sure to read the entire interview HERE.


Woody and the Noble highlighted on The Open Book Society

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Woody and the Noble (DIAMOND APR110777 / ISBN 978-1-926914-33-6) was recently highlighted over on the Open Book Society. READ MORE HERE.

If you haven’t seen them, here are some preview pages!

Joe Martino talks about Ripperman

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

First Comic News recently sat down to discuss the upcoming Arcana Comics’ release, Ripperman (DIAMOND AUG110798), with creator Joe Martino. Below is an excerpt from the interview, which you can read in its entirety HERE.

Ripperman is a labor of love for Joe Martino. He has been working on the character for more then 20 years; of course the early work wasn’t for publication. But he has carried the Ripperman with him for a long time. This October Ripperman will be collected in a new trade paperback from Arcana. Joe Martino stopped by First Comics News to let our readers know what to expect from Ripperman.

First Comics News: Who is Ripperman?

Joe Martino: He is a character that I created in late 1987. At that time, as well as today, it seemed as though all you heard about were that people were being killed and worse! I kept wondering, ‘Where is God in all of this? Why doesn’t he do something?’ Receiving no answer, I came up with one in the darkest reaches of my mind… What if God and the Devil got together and created a killer of killers? That was all the incentive I needed. The Ripperman was born! The Ripperman was born out of the necessity for someone to dole out vengeance and justice to those who would have otherwise escaped their deserved ends.”

1st: Why can’t Joseph remember who he is at the beginning of the story?

Joe: Because he didn’t exist before that day. He was actually “born” that day on the steps of that small church in Timeless, NY.

1st: Ripperman fights both angels and demons, whose side is he on?

Joe: He is on his own side and as people will see he has reason to hate both sides. It really is a story about finding your way in a world that you just don’t understand. Ripperman needs to find his own place in the world not whoever is trying to control him. It is also a story of redemption and picking yourself up after a big loss.

1st: Both God and the Devil play a role in the story.

Joe: I use God and the Devil as characters the same way some writers use Zeus or Hades. I wanted to make people think a little bit and using these higher or lower beings just made sense to me. I am not a highly religious person but I do believe in a higher power.

Thank you to First Comic News for the interview and please CLICK HERE to read the entire interview.


ACB Reviews Dead Cell

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The Dead Cell, John Barker’s tale of terror, is still available through Diamond (MAR110852), and is getting some great reviews! The latest is from A Comic Book Blog (ACB). Below is some of what they had to say, but be sure to go TO THEIR WEB SITE TO READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW.

“This is a very heady story.  John Barker explores power and fear in an interesting way.  In many ways, while reading this, I felt like I was watching a Stanley Kubrick film.  You can feel elements of each of the patients’ stories.  You are just as confused and scared as they are.  You constantly question yourself about the reality of what you are seeing.  Is this part of their story or is this part of the world they’ve built for themselves?  The story also ends with a really nice twist that I don’t want to give away.  I will say that just when things almost seem to make no sense, it all comes back to making perfect sense on the last page.

Simmons’ art is pretty good for the story.  There is a dream like quality to it.  You easily move from situations that look normal and happy before descending into a nightmare.  Visually, you get the sense that either the patients’ real worlds were actually very good before their minds break and they descend into madness and what you see at the end of each of their stories is how they perceive the world around them.  Even if everything does exist in the dream world, you can easily believe that the illness each of these patients suffer from will not allow them to be happy.”

Thank you to ACB for the 85% rating and, again, CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW!

ARCANA COMICS’ Latest Comics, Conventions, & Previews

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

ARCANA COMICS’ Latest Releases, Pre-Orders, Conventions, and Previews

VANCOUVER (Aug 11, 2011)Arcana Comics, one of the world’s top producers of graphic novels, welcomes you to another exciting month of comics and news! We are rolling out another month of new releases and pre-orders, all available through Diamond, including some behind the scenes details on the books from the creators themselves. Also, read our convention news as Arcana Comics spreads across North America, plus previews of some of the books coming out. If you’re interested in any of the books we have to offer, be sure to go to your local comic book shop and provide the Diamond codes below them, so the stores can order. Some are even available for pre-order through Amazon!

Don’t forget, if you run a comic fan site, review site, blog, podcast, magazine, fanzine, newspaper, tv show, talk show, etc, and are interested in reviewing Arcana Comics’ releases or doing interviews with creators or staff from Arcana, please contact us at the email at the bottom of this release.







Below are the latest Arcana books, hitting the shelves this month! If you can’t find them in stores, ask them to order using the information below or head over to Arcana’s Store.

AWAKENINGS GN – ISBN: 978-1-926914-30-5 / DIAMOND: JUN110824

By (W)Eric Hobbs (A) Gabe Pena. Set in the year 2062, New York detective Spencer Straight is hot on the trail of a gruesome serial killer with a peculiar trademark only to find himself on the run when every lead points to the one person he never would have suspected – himself! Forced underground, Spencer discovers a secretive presence may be the culprit behind the seemingly senseless killings. A force many have tried to stop without success. A force that’s already chosen its next victim: Spencer’s son! SC, FC, $19.95.

SCIONIC GN – ISBN: 978-1-926914-40-4 DIAMOND: JUN110824

By (W/A) Philip Daay (W/A) Victor Castro. Theophilus embodies the archetypal noble warrior. When the lines are clear in a just cause, he fights as your greatest champion. But, life rarely remains clear. Theophilus refuses to believe that breeding and sacrificing innocent children is necessary for his race’s survival. Unfortunately, his president and former military colleagues believe otherwise. And both sides are about to put the force of their convictions to the ultimate test! Scionic tells an epic tale about a father figure and the children who look up to him. It explores the moral lines in war that any human society might cross when it feels under constant threat.SC, FC, $14.95.

TROUT GN – ISBN: 978-1-926914-41-1 DIAMOND: JUN110825

By Ismael Hernandez, Ben Magid, Chandran. Trout is the story of a nine-year-old boy – and the monster sent to protect him! It centers on a virus created to eradicate the monster gene, and has the power to turn man to monster, and monster to man. Under attack, the scientist who created this Final Solution injects it into his son in order to hide it. Now, everyone wants it and will do anything to get their hands on it! SC, FC, $14.95.

WINGMAN GN – ISBN: 978-1-897548-38-7 DIAMOND: JUN110823

By Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Jay Shore, Asta Gunn, Eve. Wingman follows the adventures of two best friends, Hank and Max, whose main mission in life is picking up women. Hank, more confident and good looking than Max, is the stud of the two, while Max is mostly relegated to wingman status. One day, lightning (literally) strikes and alters Hank’s chemistry such that he’s no longer able to pick up women. However, women now find any man within a few feet of Hank irresistible – thus, Max instantly goes from Wingman to Cassanova! SC, FC, $14.95.


Below are books being solicited for pre-order in the latest Diamond Previews Magazine. Take the information below to your stores and ask them to carry Arcana!


By (W/A) Dwayne Harris. One of the most feared terror attack scenarios involves the detonation of a weapon that generates a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that immediately renders power circuits, computers, even automobiles useless. But what if a weapon was discharged that, in addition to all the above, also erased people’s memories? Would mankind, given a fresh start, continue on its path to self-destruction? Or would it, free of its preconceptions, usher in a new age of peace? This is the first time Amnesia GN has been listed in Previews. SC, 98pgs, FC $14.95

Dwayne Harris, the creator of Amnesia, is a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting, whose work now combines a fine art sensibility with the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. His inspiration for Amnesia came out of learning about the threat of an electron-magnetic pulse (EMP) in weaponized form. “An EMP usually results when the detonation of a nuclear weapon emanates a wave that immediately renders power circuits, computers, even automobiles useless… It occurred to me, how much more terrifying if in addition to wiping out hard drives and computer chips, such a pulse also erased people’s memories? Would the human race benefit from such a reboot, or instead suffer a crash it would never recover from?” In reasearching the plausibility of such an event, Dwayne found that “microwaves similar to the ones emitted by cell phones could cause memory loss… attributed to the cell phone’s microwave radiation causing a leakage through the blood-brain barrier.” Mixing the two together, EMP’s and the idea of a “mind bomb”, Dwayne threw in his love for Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, and “a protagonist who is just as confused as we are. I decided to start with one man, waking in a place he doesn’t recognize, next to a woman he doesn’t know… andthe story simply grew from there.”


By (W) B. Alex Thompson (A) Andres Guinaldo. Playing their largest concert in their hometown, metal band and reformed monster hunters “Subliminal Torment” and their fans are attacked by the worst creatures they’ve ever faced. After the monsters slaughter the fans in homage to a previous encounter, the band is left to take the fall. In heavy metal, there are dangers that surpass mosh pits and diseased groupies; rap and country ain’t the only music genres that has to live out their lyrics, after all! MATURE THEMES SC, 108pgs, FC $14.95


By (W) Dwight L. MacPherson (A) Mathieu Benoit. A day at the zoo for a group of kids is no cause for alarm — unless those kids are from the bowels of Hell. Join Jim Reaper, Louie, Lucy, and Boog for a trip to the zoo! It doesn’t take long for the trip to turn into bedlam, and it’s up to Jim to save the day — that is, if he can control his bowels long enough.SC, 82pgs, FC $14.95

Dwight L. MacPherson, writer of other Arcana books, such as Dead Men Tell No Tales, Dead Men: Decimation, and Interagents tells us that the idea of Lil’ Hellions came “with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in mind. I’m a big fan of Venture Bros and Metalocalypse, so I set out to create a book that would easily fit into their lineup. I’ve heard fans compare Lil’ Hellions to Cartoon Network’s Adventures of Billy and Mandy as well, and I have to agree. My kids and I loved that show.” Dwight also quips, “I think people should check it out because, if they don’t orde a copy, their names will be added to the Book of the Damned. That means a non-refundable ticket to the Lake of Fire.” Don’t take his word for it, though… Briak K. Vaughan (Y THE LAST MAN) says of Dwight, “You’re sick! In a good way.” Michal Scott (THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL) says, “MacPherson is so good he’s scary.”

Dwight’s book, Interagents is currently available as a pre-order through Amazon. Previews are below and you can pre-order by clicking here


By (W/A) Ryan Foley. No army has ever marched into battle thinking they were the bad guys. And it is up to the reader to decide who is the hero and who is the villain.MATURE THEMES SC, 80pgs, FC $14.95


By (W/A) Joe Martino. This story begins the saga of the Ripperman, Killer of Killers. The birth child of God’s disgust for humanity’s crimes and the Devil’s ambition, the Ripperman was created by both angel and demon. Thrown into a world that he doesn’t understand, he falls under the teachings of Father Thomas Jacob to learn the ways of the Lord — but not if the devil has anything to say about it!SC, 143pgs $14.95

Joe Martino says of Ripperman, he’s “a character that I created in late 1987. At that time, as well as today, it seemed as though all you heard about were that people were being killed and worse! I kept wondering, ‘Where is God in all of this? Why doesn’t he do something?’ Receiving no answer, I came up with one in the darkest reaches of my mind… What if God and the Devil got together and created a killer of killers? That was all the incentive I needed. The Ripperman was born! The Ripperman was born out of the necessity for someone to dole out vengeance and justice to those who would have otherwise escaped their deserved ends.”


By (W) Pat Lesparre (A) Chris Malgrain. In the thirty-first century, three young Earthlings fleeing the tyrannical empire known as the Reix form an uneasy alliance with a human-hating alien whose planet has been destroyed. Can they overcome their differences in time to take on the Reix, or will their own prejudices destroy them even before their enemies do? SC, 80pgs, FC $14.95


Read about some of the places Arcana will be in the coming months.

Arcana Comics is expanding its convention schedule this year by appearing at the Comikaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center on November 5th and 6th. If you haven’t heard about the convention, it looks to be an exciting one! Their web site states, “Comikaze is unlike any other comic-related event in the US. Having spent much time researching both local and national conventions in the United States, the Comikaze Team crafted an event that will thrill and excite even the most casual comic fan. Comikaze is a multi-tiered extravaganza created by real comic fans with deep ties to the entertainment world. While Comikaze might have a classic convention vibe, it’s much more than that. The Comikaze Team did not want to make an event for industry people and hardcore fans only. Instead, they designed a more balanced event as an alternative to the standard fan convention, dedicated to the Los Angeles and geek community above all else… Comikaze Expo is an integral part of the city of Los Angeles, something both residents and visitors can enjoy for years to come. Drawing inspiration from the city and the fans, Comikaze is an eclectic mix of LA and geek culture. Comikaze strives to create something unique for the city of Los Angeles. Between the Convention and Pre-events there will defiantly be something for everyone to enjoy.” Arcana Comics is excited to be part of this new convention and looks forward to seeing fans there! Be on the lookout for more news on this convention as the date approaches, as we will debut books at the convention and several creators will be there as well, sharing in the fun. If you are an artist, we will be doing portfolio reviews and someone is always on hand to talk shop. Come by and say hi! Read more about Comikaze Expo by CLICKING HERE.

Arcana Comics’ creators will be appearing at several other conventions in the coming weeks and months as well. Wizard World Chicago takes place from August 11th through the 14th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. Nikola Jajic, creator and writer of Loosely Based and Devil’s Island will be there for the entire show at Table #3305. Mario Wytch, creator of the upcoming Arcana release, Kutter Blaque will be in attendance as well. Read more about Wizard World Chicago by CLICKING HERE.

Cola-Con runs on September 2nd at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, SC. The convention is where hip-hop and comic book culture intersect and will be an event of comic book artists, vendors, visual artists, lectures, panels, and music. Stephen Prouse, creator of Coin Operated Boy / Coin Operated Girl will be on hand for the event. Read more about  Cola-Con by CLICKING HERE.

Sean Dulaney, creator of 51 Delta will be appearing at Comic City Tennessee, which runs on October 1st and 2nd at the TN State Fairgrounds with over 30,000 square feet of comic goodness. Read more about Comic City TN by CLICKING HERE.


NOTE: All images below are safe to post anywhere online.











Arcana Studios, Inc. is a transmedia company that has aggressively pursued establishing brands through engaging storytelling and compelling art. With a strong foothold in the print publishing world, Arcana continues to be a premier content provider. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels and comics, and has adapted this library into live action feature films, stereoscopic 3D animated features, episodic television series and toys.

Arcana Studios, Inc . remains independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Arcana Studios is currently in production of the stereoscopic 3D animated feature, The Clockwork Girl. Arcana is also partnered with Gale Ann Hurd (“Terminator”, “Aliens”) on Gearhead, Alexandra Milchan (Sylvestor Stallone’s “Head Shot”) on Blade of Kumori, Hans Rodinoff and Hollywood Media Bridge (“Lost Boys: The Tribe”) on Raise Kane, Scott Milam (“Mother’s Day”) on Gauze, Ben Magid (“Hack/Slash”) on Trout, Jar Productions (“Hidden Howie”) on Philosopher Rex, Terry Dougas (“The Invention of Lying”) on The Tower, Doc Wyatt (“Napoleon Dynamite”) on 100 Girls, JC Spink (“The Hangover”) on Continuum, Adrian Askarieh (“The Hitman”) on Amnesia and also is producing a three slate at Codeblack/Universal for Light’s Out, Ant and Blam!

For inquiries, interview requests, or etc, please contact:

Erik Hendrix

VP of Marketing and Promotions

Arcana Comics

Koni Waves on the Forty Dollar Pull List

Monday, August 8th, 2011

This month, Koni Waves, written by Mark Poulton with art by Dexter Weeks Steve Stephen Sistilli. Below is some of what they had to say about Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave, but you can read the entire review/discussion HERE.

…I have to say, most of this book reminded me a whole hell of a lot of the Tiki-Noir 40s crime series Hawaiian Dick, from Image – except the star is female. And more… boobish? Which is where the book actually suffered a bit, in my eye. Hawaiian Dick, being the same sort of idea, delivered a similar premise with a lot more character, IMO. That’s not to say this book wasn’t fun though. I had quite a bit of fun reading it.

Reade: You are not the first person to compare this to Hawaiian Dick.

I actually have a lot to say about this story, but I will start with one of the things you pointed out – the boobishness. At first, I kind of groaned when I saw it – I mean, an ex stripper, current party-girl? Another one? Then I thought about it. When it comes to noir private detectives, they are usually flawed men – failed cops with some kind of drinking problem and a little bit of depression. They might even use drugs, and many of them definitely are promiscuous. On the other side of the coin, the females only partly fit in that role – the alcoholism and career path remain the same, but they fall in the “tough-as-nails-manhater” role.

Give Koni a penis, and she is the spitting image of a male noir detective. She’s extremely flawed in all the same ways that the men are, with her partying and her reckless, irresponsible behavior. Her past is somewhat seedy with her former stripper life, and she is totally unrepentant about it. This story ended up being refreshing looking at it from that perspective.

Schatz: It’s the whole “guys sleep around and they’re players, girls sleep around and they’re whores” thing – only more within the noir genre. Yeah, I get what you’re throwing down, and it does twist my thoughts on this. What I would probably amend this to, is this book is much more popcorny than Hawaiian Dick. Nothing wrong with that at all, though I prefer the other flavour better. And again, this book was quite a bit of fun – which, I’m pretty sure was the goal.

Reade: I will absolutely agree that this is a little less thought-provoking. Popcorny is an excellent way to describe it, and I think that could be considered a weakness.

One other thing I found that I really liked was how well it was structured. You know me – I am a sucker for the serial story, and this is a collection. Each issue had a defined purpose and a complete story – while one or two constants continued to evolve in the background. If you look at this series from a serial storytelling perspective, it was about perfect. A lot of mainstream comic writers could learn a lot from the way this was put together. So often I see writers who spend so much time and effort building the overall arc, and forget that you need smaller, self-contained stories to carry you through. You need a reason to read an issue beyond “Well, a little part of this is filling out the big picture. If you are going to pad something, pad it with another smaller story.

I think Poulton has a few areas he could improve as a writer, but he seems to have the structure-side of comic writing down cold. He’s a natural.

Schatz: True. And popcorny isn’t a bad thing. There’s a reason why huge action movies make tons of money. Are they good? Eh. But are they fun? Shit yeah.

And I agree with the pacing here. A lot of the argument for the wider story arcs had to do with trades, and how the story would read better in the trade. I really enjoy books like this, that can afford me a nice break in places. You can put it down, read something else, go back to it, whatever. I kind’ve like it. And as a serialized story, it probably worked quite well. If it was serialized. I’m not even sure…

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