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Arcana PR: Bill Paxton Presents 7 Holes for Air

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

7 Holes for AirVANCOUVER (June 18, 2013) - 
Arcana Comics is thrilled to announce a special partnership with Award Winning Actor, Director, and Producer, Bill Paxton(HATFIELDS & McCOYS, BIG LOVE, TITANIC), who is bringing us Seven Holes For Air, an engrossing and entertaining celebration of an iconic Western hero’s battle with forces beyond his control.

 Written by John J. McLauchlin with art from Mick Reinman, 7 Holes for Airintroduces us to Bob Rourke, the kind of man they don’t make anymore. He’s a tough son of a bitch; a fifty-year-old steelworker who smokes, drinks, and never complains, even when he’s in pain.

 When Bob is facing the end, disease ravaging his body, he soldiers on at home, at work, and in an alternate Spaghetti Western reality in which his real-life antagonists become actual villains.

 Now, Bob will stare down death the only way he knows how – with grit and determination – as he struggles against the ghosts of his past and the desire to leave something behind for his wife and daughter.

 7 Holes for Air will debut at San Diego Comic Con 2013, and Bill Paxton will make a special appearance with some of the creative team on Thursday, July 18th at 2pm to sign copies of the book!

 Over the next few weeks, wait for other exciting announcements about San Diego Comic Con 2013, including other appearances, exclusives, and more.

Hero Happy Hour Returns. Come have a drink with us!

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Hero Happy Hour On the Rocks CoverVANCOUVER (June 17, 2013) - 
Arcana Comics is releasing the second volume of Hero Happy HourOn the Rocks in August, 2013 – An all-new original graphic novel set in the world from Dan Taylor and Chris Fason. Available for Pre-Order NOW in Diamond Previews’ June issue (DIAMOND CODE JUN130753), Hero Happy Hour: On the Rocks, Rusty the bartender serves up specials for his super heroic regulars.

 In a recent conversation with the writer, Dan Taylor, he explained the history of the title, as well as its journey in the comic book industry, starting with its humble web comic roots through online success and beyond.

 ”HERO HAPPY HOUR’s ‘super’ auspicious beginning began over twelve years ago when writer Dan Taylor and artist Chris Fason met online and both shared a desire to create and publish their first comic book. SUPER HERO HAPPY HOUR was a self-published surprise from GeekPunk and was a fan-favorite with its askew look at super hero archetypes that spend their time hanging out at the Hideout Bar & Grill talking shop after a long day of defending justice and battling evil. Not even a title change — the dropping of ‘SUPER’ so as not to threaten the ‘World’s Greatest’ and/or ‘Mighty’ comic book publishers — could shutter the Hideout Bar & Grill. HERO HAPPY HOUR continued just as ‘super’ as before with additional issues published by GeekPunk, appearances in various comic anthologies, and a ‘Super Deluxe’ edition published by IDW. HERO HAPPY HOUR is also being served as a webcomic featuring all-new story-arcs and classic ‘episodes’

 ON THE ROCKS is the first non webcomic publication of HERO HAPPY HOUR in seven years, and published in full-color for the first time. The all-new 80-page story once again focuses on the superhero-centric Hideout Bar & Grill run by Rusty the bartender as he serves up specials for his super heroic clientele of regulars. Happy hour for Guardian, Night Ranger, Scout, Psiren, and the rest of the heroes of First City is shaken when a new dilemma stirs up trouble, and the heroes begin to drop like flies. Is it a new threat slipping a ‘mickey’ to the patrons of the Hideout? Or, has a an old foe returned for another round to declare ‘last call’ for Hero Happy Hour?

The conspiring cohorts of Taylor and Fason continue to plot their eventual coup of the comic book industry as they collaborate on the HERO HAPPY HOUR spin-off SHARK KNIGHT and the post-apocalyptic western TALES OF THE WILD WASTE. Artist Chris Fason ( has also recently illustrated the children’s book ELKBAR written by Taylor Mosbey. Writer Dan Taylor ( has worked with artist Don Figueroa to script the comic book series for the upcoming line of mech action figures ARMARAUDERS from Mecha Workshop. Cheers!.

Below is the ordering information for Hero Happy Hour: On the Rocks, as well as the first release in the series, Hero Happy Hour. Be sure to ask your store to order copies for you now!


Hero Happy Hour Vol 1HERO HAPPY HOUR
ISBN: 978-1-92691-471-8
PRICE: $19.95
DESCRIPTION: Imagine pulling up a stool to the bar and sipping a frosty pint of your favorite beer as you listen to the conversations of the “regulars” that frequent the neighborhood tavern. The Hideout Bar & Grill caters to the super heroes of First City. And, it servers as more than just a place to wash away the troubles of serving and protecting society as crime-fighting crusaders. For the regular heroes, it is “a place where everyone knows your name,” secret identity or not.


Hero Happy Hour On the Rocks CoverHERO HAPPY HOUR: ON THE ROCKS
ISBN: 978-1-77135-046-4
PRICE: $19.95
DESCRIPTION: The Hideout Bar & Grill is once again open for business! Rusty the bartender once again serves up specials for his super heroic clientele of regulars, including Guardian, Night Ranger, Scout, Psiren, and the other super heroes of First City. But the happy hour is shaken when a new dilemma stirs up trouble, and the heroes begin to drop like flies. Is it a new threat slipping mickeys around the Hideout, or has an old foe returned for another round to declare “last call” for Hero Happy Hour?





HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

HHH OTR Preview

The Steam Engines of Oz – Who will win the final battle? PLUS, Download FCBD Issue FREE.

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

The Steam Engines of Oz Issue 3 CoverVANCOUVER (June 13, 2013) - 
Arcana Comics is excited to announce The Steam Engines of Oz’s first arc concludes with Issue three (DIAMOND JUN13 0751) of the series and asks the question, “Who will win the final battle?”

 On Free Comic Book Day, fans were introduced to The World of Oz, 100 years after the death of The Wicked Witch of the West. Young Victoria Wright, a gearhead living beneath theEmerald City, keeps the city running with no idea how her actions affected the world above. Through Issues 1 and 2, we meet many interesting characters including GromitPhadrig,The Witch of the North, and get a glimpse of what happened over the last century to the Tin Manand the descendants of the Cowardly Lion. But, where isScarecrow?

 We’ve asked you to Join the Tin Man’s Army (#TinMansArmy), we’ve asked you to suspend disbelief and join us on this grand adventure. Now, in issue 3, we will find out who wins the battle between Victoria and her allies and the leader of the Emerald City, the Tin Man. In Issue 2, you’ll see what turned him to his dark path. In Issue 3, you’ll see the results of those actions… and war.

Don’t miss the final issue of the first arc of The Steam Engines of Oz, available now for pre-order through your local and online comic shops.

Did you miss the FCBD issue? Worry not, you can read it FREE through ComiXology, or download using one of the below links and share with your friends!





The Steam Engines of Oz Issue 3 CoverTHE STEAM ENGINES OF OZ ISSUE 03
PRICE: $3.99
DESCRIPTION: The Tin Man and his Emerald Army face off against Victoria and her unlikely allies. Do they stand a chance against the Emerald City’s deadliest weapons? Surprises abound in the final chapter of the first arc in this epic SteamPunk re-imagining of Oz. Who joins in the fray and whatever happened to Scarecrow? Secrets will be revealed and loyalties tested. Who will be left standing in the end?


The Steam Engines of Oz Issue 2 CoverTHE STEAM ENGINES OF OZ ISSUE 02
PRICE: $3.99
DESCRIPTION: Victoria and her friends have faced The Emerald City under the rulership of the Tin Man, the descendants of the Cowardly Lion, but how will they handle a group of very short, and very unruly Munchkins? Hidden in the forests for decades, can Victoria enlist their help, and what secrets hide within their village? Don’t miss the latest chapter in this colorful interpretation of Oz through a SteamPunk lens.


The Steam Engines of Oz Issue 1 CoverTHE STEAM ENGINES OF OZ ISSUE 01
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: JUNE 26, 2013
DESCRIPTION: Straight from the pages of our FCBD Preview, The Steam Engines of Oz has arrived! Find out how the Emerald City has transformed in the last 100 years as Victoria Wright and her friends plot their escape only to fall into the clutches of a terrifying threat. This re-imagining of Oz through a SteamPunk lens is a must read for fans of Oz, SteamPunk, an exciting story, and fantastic art.