Eve: First Look

If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted vampire story with plenty of action and humor thrown in too, then I’d definitely say it’s well worth your time checking this one out.

Paperback Reader
I’m not normally a big fan of vampire comics, but this one surprised me. The main character or “star” of the series, Jessica Evelyn Murphy or “Eve” as she is simply known amongst her friends and foes, is a popstar singer that believes in her music and her job where she fights supernatural forces undercover…


FireFox Interview with Frank LaPerch and Eve: Vampire Diva
Frank LaPerch found that artist when he hooked up with Ash Jackson. Together, the pair has created their own independent action/horror/comedy series, Eve: Vampire Diva. The series, published by top independent company Arcana, will hit shelves this December…


Eve Online Trailer


Eve Interview with Jaded Expressions
In an industry chockfull of bloodsuckers, the vampire genre has been a main staple of comic books since its inception. In December, Arcana Comics releases Eve: Vampire Diva, a vampire comic book that takes the genre on a completely different turn. Lighter in tone than the gothic horror of most vampire stories, Eve combines a contemporary phenomenon to the mix: reality television…


JadedExpressions: Move Over Buffy Summers…
Light-hearted and remarkably free of the angst that so often drives other vampire tales, the dynamically illustrated Eve is poised to sink her teeth into a comic book genre that has recently seen something of a rejuvenation.


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