Inverse Press feature on Arcana’s The Book

If you’re interested in reading some about the history of The Book, the development of the project, and how the artist got involved with it, head over to THIS LINK to read the full article. Below is an excerpt.

What drew Amanda to this dark and innovative project?  In her own words:  ”Anyone who knows me and how I feel about comics (and movies, books ect.) knows I tend to side with the villain over the hero.  No, I’m not wicked or mean-spirited in any way, it’s just that villains are always more interesting!  I was hooked on The Book when I saw Krieger’s description…I wanted to be involved with the project even more when I got a load of that lovely skinless fellow gracing the cover. What can I say? How often does a Hellraiser super fan get to put their own spin on a skinless villain? It’s a dream come true, I say!”

Writer, Erik Hendrix also shares his thoughts on the cool, brand new graphic novel (not generally available until later this year):  ”The Book was actually a combination of two ideas, one that Michael David Nelsen had and one that I had. Michael’s featured a series of DIY travel guides and I had a story about people killing themselves and using a ritual to bring themselves back from the dead in an attempt to learn religious secrets from the other side. By combining the two ideas, we found the right mixture of characters and back story, which developed into a secret religion with ties to both the bible and religious “mythology”.

The Book arrives in stores in December and makes its debut in August on ComiXology starting with Issue 1! You can pre-order it now through and other online retailers.

ISBN: 978-1-926914-68-8
DESCRIPTION: En route to Italy, a group of American tourists learn of a series of DIY travel guides, nicknamed “The Book”. These unofficial guides are collected and updated with first-hand experiences by the travelers themselves. Different “Books” scatter the continent, telling of the best lodging, deals, and “off the grid” adventures from sight seeing to local folklore for anyone clever enough to find them. A local cult, practitioners of Sanctus Letum, the Holy Death, disrupts the American’s plans for adventure when they hide pages from the Dark Book, Shaitan, in one of the travel guides. The friends are lead down a path of secret religion, death, resurrection, and demonology.

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