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Greyman, which was recently released, has been reviewed by! CLICK HERE to read the review in full, but below is an excerpt from the review.

Greyman is certainly daring for a graphic novel. It goes places most stories wouldn’t dare to go, and it faces even the darkest of possibilities and brings them to light. For readers who want a thrill and don’t mind being a little horrified and disturbed at the turn of events, this is definitely a comic worth checking out. It’s also worth a read even if you just want to find out whether poor Adam and Sarah will ever be together again — an emotional thread that is surprisingly well maintained throughout the story and brought to a conclusion in the end (though I won’t spoil it by saying what conclusion that is).

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ISBN: 9781926914886
Diamond Code: MAR120742
Genre: Horror Horror
DESCRIPTION: Adam Grey, a young anthropology graduate student, becomes an unlikely and reluctant hero as he finds himself mentally linked to an arrogant and irreverent ethereal being and tasked with taking on the role of ‘gatekeeper’ on the Dead Highway – the ‘in-between’ zone separating the world of the living from the realm of the dead. Adam’s only source of guidance as he searches for the missing soul of his deceased fiancé comes in the form of Elijah, a powerful astral being (masquerading as a human homeless man) who has a strained relationship with ‘the entity’ with whom Adam now finds himself bonded. Discovering that the majority of human souls fall victim to the ravenous ‘Seekers’ – leather-clad, motorcycle-riding demons – and never successfully pass through to the afterlife, Adam is shocked to uncover an ongoing war between two very different species of incorporeal beings, with the life force/’soul’ material contained within our human bodies as the ultimate prize. Realizing that the fate of humanity itself is at risk as this spiritual war spills into the living world for the first time, Adam slowly comes to terms with his responsibility and must eventually face the fact that the only way to truly save the souls of the human race is to sacrifice his own humanity.

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