Lost Girl featured on Fangoria.com

The Lost Girl, one of our recent releases, was featured on Fangoria.com and below is some of what they had to say! You can read the entire feature by CLICKING HERE.

THE LOST GIRL began life as a screenplay Mongillo hoped to direct, with Norman Reedus attached at one point to star. Now available in the four-color format from Arcana Comics, the story concerns a runaway orphan teen named Joy who hooks up with a mysterious stranger who turns out to be a Neurian—one of a race of lycanthropic shapeshifters. “THE LOST GIRL is a reaction to the classic WOLF MAN screenplay by Curt Siodmak and equally inspired by the writings of Herodotus, the Greek ‘father of history,’ ” Mongillo explains. “Siodmak was without the literary source material of his film’s predecessors, such as FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA, so he boldly created his own mythology, most notably the ‘curse of the werewolf’ afflicting those bitten to continue the cycle of transformation and mayhem when the moon is full. My research revealed that there are as many differences as there are similarities in the werewolf folklore predating THE WOLF MAN; yet nearly all werewolf fiction since has idly followed Siodmak’s innovations.

Thank you to Fangoria.com!

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, read below!

TITLE: The Lost Girl
ARCANA TITLE PAGE: http://arcana.com/view_issue.php?id=300

ISBN: 9781926914749
Diamond Code: MAR120743
Genre: Action Romance
Stumbling onto the feud of an old clan of shape-shifters, a college graduate named Joy finds herself looking after a rogue named Rurik. In a cabin in the woods, feelings quickly develop between the two unlikely lovers as Rurik’s people draw close. United in their forbidden love, Joy and Rurik fight a small army of Neurian flesh-eaters who have come to kill Rurik for abandoning their fading clan.

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