Comics Anonymous loves John Henry: The Steam Age

John Henry: the Steam Age, one of our newest releases, has a fan in Comics Anonymous! You can read the full reviews of the various chapters of John Henry: The Steam Age using links proviced, and read some  samplings from the reviews… Enjoy!

Issue 1 – CLICK HERE TO READ IN FULL – “Another strong release from Arcana and with Dwayne holding onto writing/art duties, we’re surely going to become more and more involved in the kind of story that’s constructed before our eyes to leave us desperate to fight alongside John.”

Issue 2 – CLICK HERE TO READ IN FULL – “ A strong steampunk/pulp edge to the whole title suits me down to the ground and I’m sure there’s more people out there that would/should read it…….and I’d urge more people to take the chance with it.”

Issue 3 – CLICK HERE TO READ IN FULL – “This offers us much more depth on a number of different levels and there’s a significant chance to see the amount of detailed face work that goes into our hero, the villain and the multiple new faces we have on show.”

Issue 4 – CLICK HERE TO READ IN FULL – “Kudos to Dwayne Harris and Arcana comics for bringing us such an entertaining and visually impressive release which makes this a firm entry in that recommendations list.”

While we’re at it, please read this full interview Comics Anonymouse did with John Henry writer / artist, Dwayne Harris. In there, you can read about some of Dwayne’s other works, some details behind John Henry, and some art samples! CLICK HERE TO READ.

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