Comic Attack reviews Kozmik Issue 1

Kozmik, which is being released digitally on ComiXology as I type, recently received a great review from Comic Attack! You can read a bit of the review below, but be sure to CLICK HERE to read it in full.

“Issue #1 of Kinney’s Kozmik is a nice kick off into this world for readers, setting everything up while entertaining us along the way, and not skimping on the action a story like this benefits from. For older readers the concept may remind them of the 1997 film Star Kid, or for older-older readers the 1985 manga Guyver, Bio-Boost Armor, which spun off two anime series and two live-action movies, but I assure you it really just ends there conceptually and does its own thing. For starters, it’s all-ages, so it is nowhere near the violent blood filled insanity that wasGuyver‘s charm, and in terms of Star Kid, the battle suit here is more of an Iron Man-esque weapon than what was going on in that film. Kinney lets the story do its own thing and go wherever it just naturally goes. Stylistically it looks good, and the villains have a Darkwing Duck vibe to them giving it a certain nostalgic appeal. However, all of those things aside which really I aimed at the adult reader side of all-ages, on the kid side it’ll appeal to them as well, and they’ll eat it up, no comparisons included.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Kozmik, CLICK HERE to learn all about it!

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