Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Kozmik Issue 2!

Kozmik, which is being released right now digitally on ComiXology and soon in print, was just reviewed by Ain’t It Cool News! You can see the entire review by CLICKING HERE, but in the meantime, here’s a sampling from it!

“Writer Scott Kinney does a good job of balancing this all and tells a solid story. The target audience is definitely kids, as the action is fast and comedy is over the top. Zak is a fairly typical sassy hero kid, but he’s nowhere near as annoying as the current ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN cartoon. His little fashion show as he looks for a superhero outfit is really nice.Artist Christian Colbert’s work fits perfect with the story. It’s well designed and cartoony looking. Everything looks really good here… Colbert’s storytelling… is pretty spot on. He and Kinney work well together.”

Thank you to Ain’t It Cool News, and be sure to CLICK HERE to see the full review.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kozmik, be sure to head over to the ARCANA KOZMIK PAGE.

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