SteamPunk Canada Reviews SteamPunk Originals Volume 1!

SteamPunk Originals, a new Anthology coming out in 2013, has received its first review. SteamPunk Canada had some amazing things to say about the book, and you can read the full review by CLICKING HERE. Below is a sampling from the review…

I absolutely love the diversity of ideas, the pace, and the artwork. The artwork alone is so diverse that you have to literally switch gears with each new story. But it is well worth it. It is like attending a multi artist gallery opening.

Each story is so different from the one before and after that it is like reading through different books attached as one.  I got quite involved reading Steampunk Originals. I could not wait to see what the next story and artwork would be like.

Thank you to SteamPunk Canada and, again, please CLICK HERE to read the entire review.

If you’re interested in learning more about SteamPunk Originals Volume 1, head over here ~ !!!

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