Gordon the Giraffe on the press circuit!

Gordon the Giraffe, a recent Arcana release, has been making the rounds in press outlets recently. See some quotes below, plus links to the full reviews/coverage. To learn more about the title, head over to its Arcana page, http://arcana.com/view_issue.php?id=493.

“This book does not shy away from the sweet simple, natural love that grows from within each of us uniquely. Deftly illustrated in silouette, suggesting emotion and intent without defaulting to over-sentimentality to deliver poignancy. An important children’s book for any parent that wishes their child lessons of tolerance and acceptance toward themselves and others.” — Michel Horvat, Award winning Documentarian “We are Dad”

“This book has a simple but powerful message: being different from the other kids (in this case, young giraffes) can result in bullying but if you keep your heart open, like Gordon does, you can be accepted for your difference.  The story is accompanied by perfect illustrations that put the reader in Africa with traditional patterned borders on each page and the simple silhouette drawings.  Children will learn about discrimination and a generous heart from this tale.”

“This beautifully illustrated, heartfelt book teaches us that there’s nothing wrong with “being different” and those who are “different” have a great deal to offer. We highly recommend Gordon The Giraffe for all who want to learn or teach compassion, empathy, and acceptance.  Bravo on an inspiringly exquisite children’s book!” — Laurie York and Carmen Goodyear Co-Directors, Freedom To Marry – The Journey To Justice

“At face value it’s a simple story, but behind it is a world of meaning. Kids will see only the story itself – which is presented in big, easy-to-read print and simple language, accompanied by charming illustrations. Parents will see beyond the story to the real gist. It’s about having the freedom to choose, to be who we are – or want to be, when we grow up, at any rate. It’s about parents having the courage (not to mention the decency) to respect their kids’ choices and not try to force them into alien roles. And the gentle subtext points out that gay people can be, and have been, among history’s greatest heroes … that bravery is not a specifically heterosexual quality.” — GLBT Bookshelf

“A beautiful message about following your heart and treating each other with kindness, even when you’re confronted with cruelty.”

Stacy Graffam publishes a blog, Out in Suburbia, where she chronicles the parenting adventures she and her wife enjoy. Stacy lives in New Jersey with her wife Donna-Mae Graffam and their two children. Her work regularly appears in Gay Parent Magazine, the oldest national publication for GLBT parents. Stacy Graffam review:

“Gordon the Giraffe” is a wonderful story that addresses GLBT diversity in a way that all families can understand and appreciate. It clearly conveys how Gordon and Gary are different, while at the same time, highlights the universal bond of love. In the story, love’s power inspires Gordon to overcome his fear about being different when he shares his feelings about Gary with his mother. Then love overcomes the ignorance shown by his peers. When Gordon heroically saves the very characters that were planning him harm, we learn that kindness trumps cruelty and Gordon’s bravery and courage is celebrated by his community.

 Bruce Brown’s story is enhanced further by the beautiful art of A. Shelton. I hope this becomes one of a series of stories about Gordon. It’s an excellent teaching tool to explore our diversity and the importance to celebrating our common bonds rather than vilifying our differences.

The art is simple and illustrates this story perfectly. The story itself is touching. It shows being different is ok, there is nothing at all wrong with that.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars — Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online




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