raves about Kozmik

Kozmik, which has debuted digitally for a print release in the coming months, was recently reviewed by, and they loved it! Below is part of the review, but be sure to CLICK HERE to read it in full.

Kozmik is the creation of Scott Kinney and he has created a very enjoyable all ages title that does not get bogged down in sci-fi mumbo-jumbo but rather gives readers a fast paced adventure story that is super accessible. The story is pretty standard heroic fare but Scott gives the various characters a lot of personality and it is particularly nice to note that Zak actually has a loving set of parents in the story. Too often these type of stories present the single parent situation to create drama but that is deftly sidestepped here and the story is better for it.

The artwork is top notch and it looks like it could have been in an Archie Comics publication, I am rather surprised that Scott has not done any work on MegaMan or Sonic as his style would suit those series perfectly.

Thank you to for the great review!

To learn more about Kozmik, head HERE!

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