Bleeding Cool Reviews Arcana’s Swerve

Swerve, a new Arcana title coming in February, was recently reviewed by Bleeding Cool! Check out a chunk of the review below, but be sure to CLICK HERE to read it in full over at Bleeding Cool.

The title of the graphic novel refers to the wrestling term of setting up one surprise, then delivering another, and sure enough the reader gets plenty of swerves throughout. Each chapter introduces a new term, and Jon Judy very craftily ensures the terms are indeed relevant to the plot. When I initially thought this story was going to focus on wrestling, Judy does a great job balancing the crime aspect with the wrestling storyline, and always keeping the reader on their toes. Just when you think you’re comfortable with where the story is going, Judy swerves you all over the place, but not enough that it becomes tiresome. The major swerve at the end was one I didn’t see coming, but made perfect sense when I let it sink in.

Dexter Wee’s art style is reminiscent of Sean Phillips and Steve Epting at times, and maintained that gritty look and feel of the 70’s we’re used to in movies. Even the way the art flowed reminded me of a good action movie, for this story and characters are ripe for Hollywood.

If you’re a fan of Brubaker’s Criminal or Cooke’s Parker, I highly recommend you pick-up Swerve when it comes out this February.

Want to learn more about SWERVE? Keep reading!

TITLE: Swerve
ISBN: 978-1-927424-94-0
PRICE: $19.95
DESCRIPTION: San Antonio, 1976: Eric Layton, desperate for cash, left college behind to dive into the world of pro-wrestling. From there, it was an easy slide into the underbelly of the “rasslin’” biz, where the box office and concession stand make for an easy way to launder drug money.

Eric wanted out, but he had seen and done too much. They would never let him walk away, so he went into business for himself, hoping to make enough quick cash to sneak away and buy a new identity.

When Eric is pinched by the police and forced to flip on his boys, he is stuck between the cops and the crooks – and the idea that he will escape with his life is looking less realistic than a pro-wrestling match.

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