Bleeding Cool reviews The Steam Engines of Oz!

The Steam Engines of Oz, which debuted on FCBD 2013, received a review from Bleeding Cool following its debut, which you can read in full BY CLICKING HERE. It was on a list of five titles with “Damn Fine Art From FCBD”. Read an excerpt below!

Arcana’s book is dominated by the moody, sinuous flow of Yannis Roumoulias’ artwork, set off by softly blended earth tones of Chandran Ponnusamy’s colors, and well-blended heroic and italic letters by Erik Hendrix. In fact, you get the sense you’re viewing the story through a faint haze of steam, which serves the material well. This is steam punk gone wild, as you might suspect from the title, and there’s no shortage of aesthetically appealing gears, gadgets, rivets, and clambering among them. But this is also the world of Oz, with its dream-like palaces, and Roumoulias shows an equal skill at rendering organic shapes and long-distance cityscapes. This is a book where the artwork really carries the epic, adventure feel panel by panel. Like many of these art-charged FCBD titles chosen, you find yourself reflexively turning the page, hoping for a longer book.”

Thank you to Bleeding Cool for the amazing review!

So, if you happened to miss The Steam Engines of Oz and want to learn more about it, you can go to our web site for it, Also, we are going to finish our first arc in Issues 1-3, which take place right after the FCBD issue and are being solicited NOW through Diamond Previews. If you would like to help us make more stories after that, check out our KickStarter Campaign!

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