Clockwork Girl gets Recommended

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The Clockwork Girl #1 (of 4): Arcana – Between the 25 cent zero issue and this one being 99 cents, this has got to be coming out of someone’s
advertising budget, there’s no way a small press book like this could make up those kinds of “give it away” numbers with three issues to go, even if the
price goes up to $4 an issue after this. Even counting the fact that the #0 story pages are repeated here (mostly, I think a few were changed). Tesla
count: 1. Anyway, the story’s set up here, if scantly, of two creations clearly destined to love one another despite the rivalry of their creators.
Although, to be honest, it looks like more of a one-way hatred here rather than a Montague/Capulet situation…the mad biologist seems more resigned
than anything else, it’s the mad mechanist who’s got the hate on. The pacing of the story feels off, like this is supposed to actually be excerpts from an
even larger #1, much as #0 was excerpted from this. Still, I’m willing to give O’Reilly and Hanna time to get the kinks out. Recommended.


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