Hero House Happily Headed (H)everywhere …

Arcana Writer Justin Aclin interview:

“I’ve always wanted to write comic books, and Twisted ToyFare scratched the itch a little bit, but I still wanted to do something a little more serious. So I came up with the idea for Hero House back in 2004 and wrote the script, then I found my artist, Mike Dimayuga, on a comic art message board. Once Mike came aboard the project, we made a pitch packet, which was basically five pages of the comic, plus an outline of the entire story, and I went to Wizard World Chicago that year and started pitching it around to the various publishers there. A few months later, Arcana Comics agreed to publish the series, and Mike and I went to work in earnest on getting the four issues done.”

More HERE - http://www.thefwoosh.com/2010/06/fwoosh-interview-justin-aclinHero House Page 1

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