Unimaginable interview on Comic Vine

“My next comic, UNIMAGINABLE, is coming out from Arcana Studio in December (and, PLUG PLUG, it’s listed on page 225 of the latest PREVIEWS. Ordering code OCT100764PLUG PLUG.) The idea started from a very vivid nightmare I had when I was 11. Around that time, I wrote a short story for creative writing assignment about a city of monsters that was inspired by DARK CITY. Both ideas cooled and mutated over with time. Eventually, they’d fuse together and pull in other influences I had over the years with their combined gravity – -  stuff like LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND, theMorrison/Case run on DOOM PATROL and THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH. The clincher for the story was based on conclusions I came to about how ludicrous fear can be after I re-visited a wax museum that’d scarred the hell out of me a kid (oddly enough, around the time I had that nightmare.)”

See full interview HERE

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