Awakenings advance review from Broken Frontier

Last summer, thanks to publisher NBM, I had the good fortune of reviewing Eric Hobbs’ riveting OGN The Broadcast. A suspenseful, character-driven study of paranoia, family dynamics, and the hidden secrets of a close-knit small town, The Broadcast is a quiet, simmering tale vibrating with emotional tension and moody atmosphere.

On the surface, Hobbs’ latest offering from Arcana Studio, Awakenings, might seem to be a bit of a departure, considering the sophistication and intense character studies featured in The Broadcast. However, Awakenings was actually created first as a self-published webcomic and enjoyed a small, loyal audience, when Arcana offered to collect the first volume in a trade paperback this August.

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Thank you to Jason Wilkins and Broken Frontier for the review!

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