Benderspink nabs time-travel tale – Arcana’s Continuum to be made into a motion picture!

From Variety’s web site at :

Benderspink has picked up feature rights to time-travel actioner “Continuum” from the Arcana Comics graphic novel.

Story’s penned by Arcana owner Sean O’ Reilly with Stephen Snyder and illustrated by B.C. Hailes.

Story turns on an event dubbed “The Longest Day in History” in which the world has been left in ruins. After years of searching for new planets to call home, scientists have found a way to make a one-way trip through time with an elite team of soldiers, accompanied with a leading historian, looking for a way to go back and save the world from itself.

Benderspink is producing “Burt Wonderstone” at New Line, “Business Trip” with Judd Apatow at Uni and recently reupped at New Line for two years. Principals Chris Bender and JC Spink are exec producers on “The Hangover: Part II.”

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