Project Fanboy reviews Continuum

Project Fanboy posted a review of Continuum today, and it helps to show just why Benderspink is so interested in the title! Read on…

Publisher’s Blurb:
Historian David Marcus spent his entire life studying one single day. In 2010, the prime minister of Israel was assassinated in what was dubbed the “Longest Day in History.” The events that followed were linear, ominous and unstoppable. Never before has the ‘new interconnected world’ participated in such a global crisis watching. The world simply watched online as nuclear weapons dropped. 2068. One astrophysicist had the theory that a small ship passing close enough to the Singularity could be catapulted back in time. The risk was low – one ship and seven crew members, mostly military special-ops soldiers from the war – and the rewards were great. David Marcus must now be the historian that changes history.

Reviewer’s Comments:
When I recently was sent Aracana’s Continuum to review it sounded like something that I would enjoy reading – the book didn’t disappoint. I had recently heard that the feature rights to Continuum had been optioned and after reading this I completely understand why they were.

Continuum is a well written time travel story with every panel executed excellently. There are many subtle pieces in this book that help drive the story and connect with the reader – some are writing and some are art. One example in the writing occurs when several panels of dialogue is dedicated to conversation in another language. Although I didn’t understand the dialogue I found it helped move the story powerfully and effectively. One example on the art side occurs close the start of Continuum when the soldiers come out of hibernation and one of the soldiers is seen stretching. Often both of these examples are seen in film but not in comics – I’m glad Continuum featured elements like this.

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