Kade Art Book and SideShows – Exclusives at SDCC

Arcana Comics is extremely excited about SDCC!

With San Diego Comic Con less than two weeks away, we wanted to bring a little more information to light about two of our exclusives, which you can pick up at booth 2415.

Kade Art Book. Limited to 250 copies, Arcana’s seminal character, Kade, created by owner Sean Patrick O’Reilly is celebrated in style in a limited edition art book. Featuring an original cover by Tim Bradstreet (HELLRAISER, IRON MAN: THE RAPTURE) and including brand new artwork from talented artists such as Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH), Brent Schoonover (HORRORWOOD), Greg Horn (THOR GOES HOLLYWOOD), Kevin Mellon (GEARHEAD), Ashley Wood (MYSTERY SOCIETY), Liam Sharp (GOD KILLERS), Ben Templesmith (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), Greg Titus (VAMPIRE HUNTRESS), and Whilce Portacio (UNCANNY X-MEN, WETWORKS). Don’t miss out on this limited title and your chance to see some of the industry’s top talent’s take on Kade, Arcana’s enigmatic warrior.

Sean Patrick O’Reilly says of the art book, “Kade is Arcana’s first comic and graphic novel, and we now have seven graphic novels in the library for the series. This comic book artbook looks back at some of the great talents that have worked on the series, and also showcases some never before seen artwork. Just some of the artists are Tim Bradstreet, Greg Horn, Bob Hall, Whilce Portacio and many of the talented artist at Cadence Comics.”

SideShows Launch Edition. Written by Erik Hendrix with art from

Michael David Nelsen, SideShows is an action-packed story of crime and powers set in 1950′s Las Vegas. It makes its debut at SDCC this year in an extremely limited “launch edition” of 100 copies. In addition to the story, it contains some behind the scenes of the concept as well as pin-ups from some amazing artists.

In advance of its debut, we sent out copies to some friends of ours and here’s what they had to say.

“Dark, disturbing, envelope-pushing stuff. Bring your brain and pay attention. The ride is worth it.” – Jim Shooter (MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER, DOCTOR SOLAR)

“A cool story, told with loads of pace and verve.” - Mike Carey (UNWRITTEN, X-MEN LEGACY)

“Energetic, dynamic art and a great story. I enjoyed this thoroughly, and you will, too.” – Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL, IRREDEEMABLE)

“Vegas gangsters, circus freaks, magic, guns and violence – all served up in a blaze of glory that burns across the page.” – J.T. Krul (GREEN ARROW, TEEN TITANS)

“The gorgeous, almost impressionist, art contrasted with the darkness of the seedy underbelly of Vegas plot makes for a gripping story. The addition of supernatural powers is icing on the cake.” – Jim Hardison (Dark Horse’s THE HELM)

“Visually Stunning with a dynamic story that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelsen have made one hell of a book.” – Michael Easton (SOUL STEALER, Vertigo’s GREEN WOMAN)

Here’s the pitch!

In 1950′s Las Vegas, the mob enlisted former circus attractions as their aces in the hole. These SideShows had a little secret… They really did have the abilities they pretended to.

The Rat Pack was in their prime, the bartenders knew your name, and the same guy who comped your rooms could put a hit on you for stiffing him a tip.

High rollers, lounge singers, cigarettes, alcohol, and superpowers.

Welcome to Las Vegas.

Preview pages are available for download at the below link and are safe to share.


Please email us with interview requests, suggestions, or questions.

Hope to hear from you!

Erik Hendrix
VP of Marketing and Promotions
Arcana Comics

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