Jazma Online reviews Continuum

With the exciting news that Continuum is going to be adapted into a major motion picture by Benderspink, the producers of both HANGOVER films, I AM NUMBER FOUR, and a number of other films, the internet is abuzz with reviews of the book!

From Jazma Online:

Time travelers come to the 21st century to stop a terrorist whos actions will devastate the world. The military black ops team carries out their mission not quite as planned but they get the job done. Just that things are not quite as they should be so soldiers become investigators.

The assassination they are here to prevent it seems may not be all it was thought to be and history may just be wrong. There are definitely surprises in story for you.

The scenery looks great and the soldiers professional in appearance.

The soldiers the black ops members are an interesting group that just gets more interesting as the comic goes on. We get to learn more and more and the more we learn the more we want to know.

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