Comic Bloc – Back To Vegas: An Interview with Erik Hendrix (SideShows)

We’re just one day into San Diego Comic Con and the press has already started rolling in. Next up, we have an interview with SideShows Creator/Writer Erik Hendrix from Comic Bloc. Click Here to read the whole thing, but here’s a snippet below:

Smaller companies face the challenge of creating their brand from scratch. They have to get their name out there. That perhaps is the biggest guy to the smaller guy’s suggest. He who gets his name out there the best, wins. In comic terms that isn’t just properties like superman or batman, but names like Grant Morrison, Jim Lee and Brian Michael Bendis. These people are well-known and their names give the impression of their works before you even read page one.

Arcana Comics are one such company trying to get the same recognition DC and Marvel do for comics. They’ve done a variety of incredible books, including works like 100 Girls, Kade, and Snow Angel to name a few. This book I’m looking at today is no exception to the high standards of quality and entertainment Arcana provides.

I had a chance to read Sideshows: Book One by Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelson.

To quote Hendrix: “SideShows is about a group of former Circus Attractions who are working hand in hand with the mob in 1950?s Las Vegas and when their boss, “Slick” Mick Carpoli, throws them at the wrong adversary, they end up opening a Pandora’s Box of problems.”

Mic [sic] Carpoli sends the sideshows after some greasers that are in town. A simple message turns into all out war and the action escalates fairly quickly from there. Hendrix weaves a smart, engaging story. I love the concept of super powered sideshows and am glad that this will only be the beginning.

Head over to Comic Bloc to read the entire article and click around to see what else is going on there ~ they just relaunched!

Thank you to Comic Bloc for the positive review and interview!

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