SideShows Review from Omni Comic

With SDCC in full swing, it’s great to see some people around the web really enjoying our books! Today, here’s a review of SideShows, which is currently on sale at SDCC as a Launch Edition Exclusive (limited to 100 copies). Here’s what they have to say and head over to their web site to read the full review.

…The story sets up nicely and there are a ton of relationships and different characters to introduce. I thought Hendrix did a great job mixing in flashbacks to show the relationships forming, giving enough information so that things weren’t incredibly confusing and introducing new mysteries that leaves the reader with a hook to come back next time to find out how they are going to tie into the story.

The artwork is also very interesting. I could have gone for a little more color variety as it exists predominantly in a red/brown color set. This does fit well with the dusty antique like feel of the title and gives some atmosphere that seems appropriate to the gritty nature of a mob run Vegas. The character style has an impressionist look to it that makes it distinguishable from other titles out there.

Overall the combination of different art and a story and setting I can’t believe I haven’t seen more often makes this a book I’m happy to recommend. It has a nice blend of action and proceeds much like you’d expect a book about conflict within organized crime to only with a twist.

Thank you for the great review! CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW!

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