ACB Reviews Dead Cell

The Dead Cell, John Barker’s tale of terror, is still available through Diamond (MAR110852), and is getting some great reviews! The latest is from A Comic Book Blog (ACB). Below is some of what they had to say, but be sure to go TO THEIR WEB SITE TO READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW.

“This is a very heady story.  John Barker explores power and fear in an interesting way.  In many ways, while reading this, I felt like I was watching a Stanley Kubrick film.  You can feel elements of each of the patients’ stories.  You are just as confused and scared as they are.  You constantly question yourself about the reality of what you are seeing.  Is this part of their story or is this part of the world they’ve built for themselves?  The story also ends with a really nice twist that I don’t want to give away.  I will say that just when things almost seem to make no sense, it all comes back to making perfect sense on the last page.

Simmons’ art is pretty good for the story.  There is a dream like quality to it.  You easily move from situations that look normal and happy before descending into a nightmare.  Visually, you get the sense that either the patients’ real worlds were actually very good before their minds break and they descend into madness and what you see at the end of each of their stories is how they perceive the world around them.  Even if everything does exist in the dream world, you can easily believe that the illness each of these patients suffer from will not allow them to be happy.”

Thank you to ACB for the 85% rating and, again, CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW!

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