51 Delta’s Sean Dulaney: Hogan’s Heroes at Area 51

During SDCC, ComicsBulletin sat down to discuss 51 Delta with creator, Sean Dulaney. Below is an excerpt from the interview, but you can read the entire thing at the ComicsBulletin site BY CLICKING HERE.

You can see some preview pages from the book below as well. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, it can still be ordered through Diamond and book stores online (DIAMOND NOV100709 / ISBN 978-1-897548-93-6). As always, you can pick up a copy at our store as well. (CLICK HERE FOR STORE LINK TO 51 DELTA.)

One of the most fun aspects of attending San Diego Comic-con is that it gives you the chance to learn about a whole lot of comic books that you might never have heard of. So I had a great time meeting Sean Dulaney, who’s the writer of a very silly science fiction comic called 51 Delta. Come read this interview and see if you agree with me that this wacky comic seems well worth checking out.

Jason Sacks: I’m here with Sean Dulaney, the writer of a new book called 51 Delta from Arcana Comics. Tell us what the book’s about.

Sean Dulaney: The quick and dirty version – well not that dirty – it’s basically Hogan’s Heroes at Area 51. The aliens, of course, are kept at Area 51 for their own protection and not to worry the general population. But while they’ve been there, this particular hangar full of aliens have been acting up, raising all kinds of hell around the base, trying to get out. And it turns out that’s a distraction, because they’ve created an underground railroad for other aliens whose worlds have been invaded, underneath the base without the Air Force’s knowledge.

The professor that’s helped them, he’s been kidnapped by the alien invaders, so it’s basically up to the aliens and the son of the professor, who’s been shanghaied by the Air Force, to try to (1) find the professor and (2) protect the Earth from these invaders.

Of course, we’ve got a wide assortment of aliens in the delta hangar:

  • There’s Gil, who’s basically the ringleader. Imagine Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory that has to live with a bubble of water over his head.
  • There’s Misty, who was the first alien the professor encountered, as just a formless ball of gas, who’s now taken the form of a beautiful naked woman.
  • Then you have Clicker, who’s probably the smallest members, but he’s also one of the trickiest ones to write for because he could not actually speak. He could only communicate with little bits of dialogue that he’s picked up from television and radio that he picked up with his antenna. Which also raises a bit of a problem when they try to find a way to disguise themselves electronically, because the antennae cause interference.

Thank you to ComicsBulletin for the interview and be sure to read the entire interview HERE.


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