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Stephanie Shamblin Gray from recently sat down with Frank Barbiere, the creator and writer of Arcana’s Divine Intervention, which can still be ordered through Diamond (JUL110808). Below is what he had to say and be sure to head over to to read the interview in full.

A conflicted, contract killer, could hardly be considered a hero. Things change when he stumbles into an ancient conflict between the Templar agency, a clandestine organization that protects powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and strange, demonic forces seeking to control the world. After gaining mysterious, angelic powers from a freak accident Marc must dive headfirst into a dangerous new world where he is hunted by deadly monsters who will stop at nothing to unlock the secret of his new powers and possess them for themselves. reporter Stephanie Shamblin Gray caught up with the writer of Divine Intervention, Frank Barbiere, to ask him a few questions about the book.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Can you tell us a little about the story of Divine Intervention?

Frank Barbiere: Divine Intervention tells the story of Marc Graham, a mourning hitman whose life of violence has led to the tragic death of his girlfriend.  Marc manages to stumble into a conflict between the Templar Agency, a modern, re-imagined take on the knights Templar who protect humanity from dangerous, religious artifacts, and a dark warlock who seeks a specific artifact recently recovered by the Templars.  In a chance encounter with both sides, Marc manages to get his hands on said artifact and absorbs its powers, thus becoming the target of all the forces at play.  Things progress as Marc tries to make sense of his new powers and escape his pursuers. Ultimately, Marc seeks redemption in his new angelic powers and attempts to aid the Templars in their battle against evil.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: There are quite a few significant characters in this book. Without spoiling anything, what can you tell us about them?

Frank Barbiere: Part of the fun of creating this story world was populating it with the cast of characters.  Though the book is relatively short, we tried to give readers a quick snapshot of all the important players.  Marc acts as our entry point, as he is discovering this world along with the reader.  Marc is a good man at heart, though he doesn’t believe in himself and has been trapped in a life of violence.  The book is very much about his personal journey to find his place in the world.  On the Templar side of things we have Gavin Oleander, a sharp-witted businessman who runs the organization.  Though he has a whole army at his disposal, his main field agent is Charity, a red headed, leather clad woman who appears on the very first pages. Charity is a battle-hardened, sword swinging warrior who never backs down from a fight.  As for the villain in our book, his name is Adel and he is a dark warlock with an army of demons at his command.  Though we don’t get to see it, the book insinuates there is a history between Oleander and Adel, and that’s definitely something I hope to explore in possible future volumes.

There’s a lot more to the interview, so please CLICK HERE to go to to read the rest!

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