Bloody Disgusting Covers Awakenings

Bloody Disgusting, THE online source for horror news, recently covered Eric Hobb’s Awakenings. They say of the book, “What’s so intriguing about this story is not the fact that it’s set in the future, nor the whole ‘am I the serial killer’ thing, but that it’s moves in directions you could never imagine even if you sat on your ass thinking for weeks straight. If you like mysteries, serial killers, and good comics, don’t miss this debut graphic novel from Eric Hobbs.

You can read the entire feature on Awakenings at the Bloody Disgusting site HERE.


AWAKENINGS GN – ISBN: 978-1-926914-30-5 / DIAMOND: JUN110824
By (W)Eric Hobbs (A) Gabe Pena. Set in the year 2062, New York detective Spencer Straight is hot on the trail of a gruesome serial killer with a peculiar trademark only to find himself on the run when every lead points to the one person he never would have suspected – himself! Forced underground, Spencer discovers a secretive presence may be the culprit behind the seemingly senseless killings. A force many have tried to stop without success. A force that’s already chosen its next victim: Spencer’s son! SC, FC, $19.95.


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