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Kade Rising Sun coverCheap Thrills, a part of the ComicsBulletin site, which handles picks from the dollar bin recently uncovered a copy of Kade Rising Sun #3 and reviewed it. You can READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE, but below are some highlights.

According to Kade, “Battle is not part of man’s soul; it is a man’s soul.” While this may be an oversimplification of a very complex concept, it is pithy enough to cause me to pause, it is concise enough to send me into a momentary reverie on the nature of man. Is this true? Are we, as men, fundamentally predisposed to violence? Is our veneer of civilization a hindrance to our self-actualization?

These are core questions that I unavoidably had to confront from reading the very first page of this comic (and, unfortunately, remain answerless). That’s a good sign, right?

The question remains, though, will the comic be able to keep up this pace? Or will it burn out after igniting so brightly?

The next couple of pages are filled with a battle between a Mongol horde and Kade and his group of samurai. I quickly surmise that this comic is taking place in feudal Japan. I appreciate that the writers of this comic showed me enough respect by giving me just enough information for me to be able to figure this out on my own. I appreciate that they didn’t place some garish yellow text box in a corner of the page spelling this out.

Things are looking good for this book.

The action continues and Kade waxes philosophically on the nature of the samurai, the political organization of the Mongols, the rules of warfare, and his own army’s chances against the Mongols. It’s all done in voice-over text boxes, but it never comes off heavy handed or smacks me in the face as being overly didactic. A matter of fact, it’s interesting, it’s conversational, it helps to characterize Kade, and it further affirms the fact that the authors of this book trust their readers.

This comic is seeming more and more like a warm tub in which I can recline, cocktail in hand, as some sweet saucy jazz simmers on the speakers. I am comfortable in Kade. I like what I am reading.

In the comic, the Mongols retreat to regroup and wait out the night. Kade tells his samurai that they must tell their lord what they have encountered and what he thinks they should do next.

Well, you get the idea… Again, you can read the entire review HERE at the COMICSBULLETIN web site.

If you haven’t seen them, here are some pages from Kade: Rising Sun, which is still available through the Arcana web site. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Kade Rising Sun Preview Page 1Kade Rising Sun Preview Page 2Kade Rising Sun Preview Page 3Kade Rising Sun Preview Page 4

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