Shadowflame’s & Ripperman’s JOE MARTINO: Comic Book Creator, Cancer Conqueror and Caring Dad recently sat down with Joe Martino to discuss comics, cancer, and family, which you can read in its entirety HERE, but here’s an excerpt from it:

Comic books are famous for some hero staring down a certain death and being able to defy the odds, but when it happens in real life, it is heartbreaking. No one wants to hear the “C” word, especially if you are a young father and a comic book creator in the prime of your life, but Joe Martino, a Bergen County, New Jersey resident, had to.800-arcana_promo-shadowflame02.jpg

Thanks to the support of his family, several medical professionals and the desire to breathe life into his characters “Shadowflame” and “Ripperman,” Martino has a new lease on life and he spoke with about his experience.

Also, check out his graphic novels “Shadowflame” and “Ripperman” which I encourage any comic fan to pick up.

DON SMITH: How did you get into comic books?

JOE MARTINO: I got into comic books because my cousin and uncle would read comic books. I remember they got me into Superman and then when I was 10 years-old, my mother got me subscriptions to Spider-Man and Hulk comics. I remember they were on television when I was growing up.

DS: Do you remember when you started creating comic books?

JM: Yeah [LAUGHS]. I was in fifth grade and I draw these diamond shaped Marvel Comic characters trying to do away with my fifth grade teachers. As a kid, it was just harmless fun, but if it happened today, I would be sent to a special skill. [LAUGHS].

DS: How has being an independent creator helped you?

JM: I don’t consider myself a professional comic book creator, but I knew I wanted to write and draw my own comic book without someone looking over my shoulder. In 1996, I came out with “Shadowflame” which was published by CFD Publishing. It did not sell well, but I wanted to complete the four issue series for the two people who bought “Shadowflame” and wanted to see the story play out.

Again, please head over to to read the entire interview!

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