Graphic Novel Reporter Covers Clockwork Girl

The Clockwork Girl coverGraphic Novel Reporter recently pinned down Sean Patrick O’Reilly for an interview on his project, The Clockwork Girl, which will be released VERY SOON as a 3D Animated Motion Picture, but had its debut as a comic book published through Arcana Comics. You can see some preview pages HERE, and the book is available as a hardcover released by Harper Collins (ISBN: 0-9809204-1-8) and can be found at most fine book stores (or you can ask them to order or even pick it up through Amazon HERE). Below is an excerpt from the Graphic Novel Reporter interview, but be sure to head to their site to read the entire interview by clicking here.
Sean O’Reilly’s world is full of comic books. He reads comic books, writes comic books, and even edits and publishes comic books. His publishing company, Arcana Studios, is the largest comic book publisher in Canada, and it releases both his and other people’s works. His graphic novel Clockwork Girl, which he made with Kevin Hanna and Grant Bond, was published by HarperCollins this year, and an animated movie version of it will soon be released, starring the voice talents of Alexa Vega, Jesse McCartney, Ann Moss, Jeffrey Tambor, and Brad Garrett. O’Reilly talked to GraphicNovelReporter about his history in comic books, the steps of creating Clockwork Girl, and what we can expect from Arcana Studios in the future.
How did Clockwork Girl get started?

With degrees in biology and technology, this was a story I’ve lived and gone through as my studies in tissue gave way to studies on tablets…from mice to, well…mice. Kevin and I put this together as early as 2006 and each day we live with this project…it’s been quite the journey.

What do you want readers to take away from Clockwork Girl?

To enjoy a coming-of-age story in a pleasant, faraway land. Something fantastical and imaginative yet relatable.

What was the process of making it?

The book was crafted by myself and Kevin Hanna and drawn by Grant Bond. The movie has been an entirely different production and a steep learning curve for all. CG animation is growing in leaps and bounds and even during our production we’ve seen a huge change in the industry with regard to animated productions. Overall, the preproduction process of a movie is quite similar to a graphic novel, and because we are in the middle of the production as well, we’ve been able to keep the characters and storylines.

Do you picture this book being for any age group, or do you have a specific audience in mind?
Overall, I truly believe it’s a “four quadrant” book appealing to the young, old, male, and female. Its reading level is targeted toward a reader starting at eight years of age, though.

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