Broken Icon Reviews Ripperman

776-arcana_promo-ripperman02.jpg Broken Icon recently reviewed Joe Martino’s Ripperman, (Diamond AUG110798 / ISBN 978-1-897548-33-2). You can read the entire review HERE, but below is an excerpt from it.

“This book is the ultimate test of a man, Ripperman is stuck between Heaven and Hell while trying to balance himself in our world. Joe Martino really dips into the darker side of man as Ripperman tears through demons and the worse people that humanity have to offer. There is a scene in the book that really stood out to me; when a cult worshipping Ripperman sacrifices innocent people to gain his attention, instead of praising them he kills each one of them making them pay for their sins with their own blood.

Joe takes Ripperman to the brink of darkness and back again and does a great job really developing the character. Another feature of this book that I really enjoyed is the back story the Martino sprinkles in. We jump between Heaven and Hell to get more info on Ripperman and the destiny that has been set in place, while jumping into the past to show the readers how he was created and from whom.” 

Be sure to head over to Broken Icon to read the entire review by CLICKING HERE.

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