Paper Dragon Ink interviews Erik Hendrix on SideShows

SideShows CoverSideShows, which is available for pre-order now through Diamond Previews (DEC110804), was recently discussed in an interview Paper Dragons Ink did with creator/writer Erik Hendrix. Read an excerpt below, but be sure to head over to the Paper Dragon web site by CLICKING HERE to read the entire interview.

Q)    Could you give us a quick summary of Sideshows?

SideShows is a group of former circus attractions who are enlisted by the mob in Vegas as their enforcers. It’s a mixture of the old Vegas “slick” from movies in the era with a more modern sensibility of how abilities could be exploited in the real world.

Q)  What inspired you to create Sideshows?

I was driving with my wife and her grandparents to Vegas late one night and in the middle of trying to keep myself from nodding off on the road, the first nuggets of the story popped in my head. I go to Vegas quite a bit and primarily haunt the old strip, Fremont Street, with the older casinos, plenty of old photos, slot machines, etc… It’s hard not to be inspired!

Q) What made you decide to set it in Vegas in the 1950’s, what part of that time period appealed to you?

There’s just something about the time that really appealed to me. It’s the era of the Rat Pack and, although it’s not really the case, I just imagined all of these people wandering the casinos in suits. Like the original Oceans Eleven, but with superpowers.

There’s a lot more to the interview, so be sure to CLICK HERE to read the entire interview.

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