Hero House featured on No Flying No Tights

Hero House - CoverHero House, Arcana’s heroic frat boys, were covered on the site No Flying No Tights over at THIS LINK recently. Below is an excerpt from the article!

Hero House is a very safe read. It brings together a super team with the backdrop of college, but doesn’t necessarily push the boundaries of that story. There are some fun skirmishes, attempts to date girls, and a little drinking, but nothing about the read really surprises you. The villain and eventual main conflict of the story are presented very early, so the big reveal at the climax loses that jaw-dropping factor. These sentiments also follow the art. Dimayuga does everything so well, that is comes off a little lifeless. It falls short of being is own style because it is all so correct. 

Again, be sure to head over to the site and read the entire article by CLICKING HERE.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Hero House, head over to our Hero House page to see some preview pages and pick up a copy! CLICK HERE!

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