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All Fall DownAll Fall Down, a recent release from Arcana Comics, has been reviewed by The Outhouse. You can read the entire review by CLICKING HERE, but below is an excerpt.

The strongest part of All Fall Down is the pacing and structure of the story. The book is divided into seven chapters, each one thematically linked to one of the seven stages of grief. Jones builds his world organically, choosing to introduce the cast of the OGN as they’re being depowered and focusing on how they cope with their losses. It’s a smart choice that humanizes otherwise generic heroes and creates several powerful character moments in the book. While the plot takes several predictable turns and the dialogue is occasionally clunky, Jones still keeps readers ensnared with firm characterization that prevents the book from becoming dull.

Thanks to The Outhouse for the review and, once again, be sure to CLICK HERE for the entire review.

All Fall Down can be ordered through your favorite comic book shop and online retailers.

ISBN: 978-1-926914-23-7

Diamond Code: AUG110793

13 year old Sophie Mitchell just accidentally stole every superpower known to man. She can’t turn them off or give them back. As she becomes Siphon, the world’s last superhero, the people she stole her powers from learn to live without them– or die trying.

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