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All Fall took a crack at All Fall Down recently, which you can READ BY CLICKING HERE. Below is a sample of what they had to say.

That plot has the makings of a good one: one day, all the super-beings suddenly, mysteriously, lose their powers, with all manner of tragic consequences. Even more mysteriously, those powers have manifested themselves all in one teenage girl, Sophie Mitchell, who adopts the identity of “Siphon,” reflecting her Rogue-like acquisition of the powers, attempting to pick up the slack from the fallen heroes.

Sophie is our nominal protagonist, and her tale of power and responsibility, as it were, would actually have made the kind of nicely-laid-out storyline that would adapt well for film, as she deals with the consequences of her unwanted “gift.” Unfortunately, she’s actually less a protagonist than she is a Macguffin. Because the real engine of the story is not Sophie, or the various other supers whose lives were affected by the event (the fate of the shape-shfting Phylum is particularly creepy), or even the Ghost Rider-headed vigilante who goes around thrashing the nonpowered “wannabe” heroes that spring up in the wake of the depowering; it’s actually the strained relationship between the son of an old-school supervillain and his father (you can tell that Dad was old-school cuz he tawks like a vet of the New Yawk mob scene… or maybe the garment district). I won’t get too spoilery or specific about this part of the story, and the scheme that the son initiates, which has several nice touches (I like the fact that his advanced technology was constructed while he had super-intellect, and while he can still use the devices that he built then, he can’t go beyond them), though the father-son conflict feels a bit strained and artificial. Which, in a way, isn’t really surprising: it’s Sophie’s story that was supposed to be at the heart of this, and this conflict, along with the usual betrayals and big reveals, are too often a distraction from it. I wonder if maybe a stronger editorial hand might have allowed the book to more effectively balance its various characters and plotlines.

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ISBN: 978-1-926914-23-7

Diamond Code: AUG110793

13 year old Sophie Mitchell just accidentally stole every superpower known to man. She can’t turn them off or give them back. As she becomes Siphon, the world’s last superhero, the people she stole her powers from learn to live without them– or die trying.

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