Good Reads calls Amnesia an “awesome story”

052-arcana_promo-amnesia02.jpgUser reviews can make or break any book hitting the marketplace and it’s always great to hear feedback like this from CLICK HERE TO READ MORE, but below is an excerpt.

Awesome story… This is one of those graphic novels you read and wonder “Why didn’t anyone make THIS movie yet?” I was damn impressed and would love to see this made one day. 

You can still pick up copies, just use the below ordering info!

ISBN: 978-1-926914-38-1
Diamond Code: MAY118237

Series Synopsis: One of the most feared terror attack scenarios involves the detonation of a weapon that generates a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that immediately renders, power circuits, computers, even automobiles useless. But what if a weapon was discharged that, in addition to all the above, also erased people’s memories? Would mankind, given a fresh start, continue on its path to self-destruction? Or would it, free of its preconceptions, usher in a new age of peace? Amnesia explores what might happen if someone were to push the restart button on the human race.


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