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794-arcana_promo-scroogeandsanta02.jpgRobot 6 recently did an interview with Scrooge and Santa’s creative team, Matt Wilson and Josh Kenfield. You can read a bit from the interview below, but be sure to go over to ROBOT 6 BY CLICKING HERE to read the entire thing.

Robot 6: I have seen a lot of Christmas mashups, but never Scrooge and Santa before. How did you come up with this odd pairing?

Matt: It started with the title. I was watching Christmas movies at home with my family, and thinking that as much as I love them, they’re all the same. They’re either one of the classics (It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th St, etc.) or an imitation of one of the classics. I started exploring Christmas ideas that would be new, but would still fit in the same world of Christmas folklore we know and love. So I thought about new stories for George Bailey, or Scrooge, or Santa. And then one day I found myself writing down the title – “Scrooge and Santa.”  And then the creative juices started flowing.  The guy who hates Christmas and the guy who is Christmas.  What if they had to team up?  Conflict galore!

Robot 6: How did you deal with the challenge of writing a fresh story about such iconic characters?

Matt: I always had “What if?” ideas about all my favorite Christmas stories. What if George Bailey got what he wanted and became rich? What if Scrooge lost all he had and became poor? What if Santa discovered nice children could become naughty adults? In most Christmas stories, they take iconic Christmas characters and put them in the exact same circumstances we’ve always seen them. I wanted to put them in new circumstances and explore how these character choices we’re used to seeing (right over wrong, people over money) would be affected by new challenges.

I also wanted to challenge the expectation people normally have with a Scrooge story, and make them wonder if Scrooge might actually be right. This is why I took so much time early in the story to have Scrooge rebuke the ghosts and prove to them (and us) that it’s better to have money. It’s as if Scrooge, like all of us, has heard the Christmas Carol story many times before and is not convinced. I think we all can recognize that even though we smile and nod when we read A Christmas Carol, that is not how we actually live. Something deep within us is unwilling to let go and be unselfish, particularly when it comes to money. But also deep within us is a belief that unselfishness is the right thing to do. Scrooge’s journey in this story is an exploration of that conflict.

Robot 6: Santa is usually a pure good guy in Christmas specials, but yours has a bit of a dark side—he doesn’t just bring presents to the good girls and boys, he tells some adults why he didn’t bring them presents when they were kids. Why did you go there?

Matt: Even though the story is a fantasy, I still wanted it to be “true.” “True,” meaning it feels true to life and the way of the world, so that we’re experiencing something more meaningful than snow and Christmas lights. Santa is normally pure good, but that’s because he lives in the North Pole making toys with happy elves and doesn’t see the real world. If he were to go out there, he would find many of the nice children he knew were now naughty adults. Some of the saddest people in the world are those whose children have done wrong and disappointed them. Santa experiences this, and it hurts. But what gives him hope in the end is the change in Scrooge, because the reality is that while people can change for the worse, they can also change for the better.

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Writen by Matt Wilson with Art from Josh Kenfield.On Christmas Eve, a modern day Scrooge is on the run after the FBI learns he kidnapped Santa Claus. His assistant, Bonnie Cratchit, agrees to help him escape, but only if he helps Santa Claus get back to the North Pole first. Now Scrooge, with some help from the Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future, must go on an adventure to bring Santa home in time to save Christmas.

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