Scrooge & Santa on No Flying No Tights

794-arcana_promo-scroogeandsanta02.jpgScrooge & Santa was recently reviewed by the popular “No Flying No Tights” site. You can read the entire review by CLICKING HERE, but check out some of the choicest bits below!

Wilson’s interpretation of a modern day Scrooge is funny and imaginative with some background commentary on today’s corporate business practices and the values people place on what others have. While Scrooge and his story of Christmas magic is well-known, this tale offers some exciting twists that elevate the book above many other interpretations. I was worried that the story would follow predictable patterns and wrap up like a cheesy after school Christmas special, but some poignant moments and clever additions gave it a satisfying depth.

Kenfield adds another layer with his fun, cartoony drawings. Scrooge looks like a crazed, money hungry lunatic (which he is), and Marley’s ghost is absolutely terrifying. While Christmas Past and Future resemble their classic counterparts, Christmas Present is contemporary and changes with the times. I could almost see the motion of each character from panel to panel. The bright colors and character focused drawings help move the story along while remaining accessible to the younger crowd. However, with characters like the well-tattooed and pierced prisoner, the art would still be interesting for tweens and teens on up.

Scrooge and Santa is a well-paced, quirky new tale that fits right in with the Christmas collection. While the size and depth might make it too much for the youngest elementary kids, the older elementary students will love the irreverent nature of the book. With a fun story and great artwork, it strikes just the right note for a holiday tale.

Thank you to “No Flying No Tights” and be sure to read the entire review here!

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