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686-arcana_promo-oliveperil02.jpgOlive Peril, which went from webcomic to graphic novel through Arcana, was recently reviewed by the popular “No Flying No Tights” site. You can read the entire review by CLICKING HERE, but be sure to read an excerpt below and find out how you can order a copy!

This slim paperback packs a lot of punch with its bold illustrations. Thick black outlines give the colorful drawings the look of stained glass. This adds gravity to what is a truly strange, and fun, story. The characters are distinctive and expressive – the aliens humanoid yet strange, the ghostly girl decked out with details that make her look like an eerie, glowing remix of an ordinary child. Olive herself is always framed by her swirling hair, making her elegant and ethereal whether she’s working at the bakery or navigating alien landscapes.

Olive is grounded, though, by the normalcy and humor of her behavior under even bizarre circumstances. Her interactions with her bakery coworkers are friendly and funny, and it’s easy to empathize with (and sometimes laugh at) her efforts to make sense of a ghostly would-be guardian and a sudden extraterrestrial relocation.

Thank you to “No Flying No Tights” and be sure to read the entire review!

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ISBN: 978-1-897548-68-4

Diamond Code: SEP100771

Arcana Project Site: http://www.arcana.com/view_title.php?id=90

When the CEO of the largest soap manufacturer in the United States dies, her only daughter, Olive, is left with quite the dilemma: she can marry her mother’s Evil Corporate Lawer, or she can put her fate in the hands of a ghostly child who claims to know a way out–of Earth. Olive takes her chances with the ghost and ends up on a strange planet, with even stranger company. Olive struggles to find both a way out of her marriage and the answer to why these aliens are so interested in helping her escape.

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