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Shadowlaw was recently reviewed by See below for a portion of the review, but be sure to head to the site by CLICKING HERE to read the review in full.

“Easton has developed an interesting property in Shadowlaw. The issue closes in as open-ended a way possible, which gives readers the satisfaction of a completed story but also opens up a whole new avenue for the creators to explore. There’s definitely a lot of story left to tell here, and I’m really hoping that Easton takes the opportunity to do so.”

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Below is some ordering information for those who would like to pick up a copy:

ISBN: 978-1-926914-45-9

Diamond Code: SEP110748

Arcana Project Site:

Rictor Caesaro, a soldier in the New Earth Alliance elite corps, kills his commanding officer during a botched riot control mission. He is sentenced to life in the Sanctuary District – a special prison camp located deep in the swamplands of the South. In this dark domain, Rictor uncovers a secret that not only threatens his life, but the fate of the Earth.

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