Arcana and Renegade’s Turning Tiger Roars Into Action This April

turningtiger-00.jpgTake one state of the art fully armed sentient military attack robot, let it go rogue, then set the army and more robots after it. And let it happen in downtown Ewanstown, USA . If things get bad, have it kidnap a child and see if you can stop her parents blowing the operation wide open to the media.

Arcana Comics is proud to present the April release of TURNING TIGER: SPECIAL EDITION, written by Richmond Clements, illustrated by Alex Moore and produced byRenegade Arts Entertainment. Collecting the two part miniseries, TURNING TIGER: SPECIAL EDITION is also filled with extras such as an afterwards from Richmond Clements, character designs, and a pin-up gallery from artists such as Shane Oakley(AlbionCthulhu Tales), Chie Kutsuwada (The Story of Lee), Michael Carroll (2000 A.D., Judge Dredd Megazine) and more.


TURNING TIGER involves a top secret military robot colliding with the world of a suburban American family. TURNING TIGER brings a tale of explosive action, government conspiracies, and above all, family. But why has the robot chosen this family and their daughter in particular? All will be revealed…


Critics have raved about TURNING TIGER:


“Turning Tiger is the perfect tale of sci-fi encountering the family next door, a gripping adventure that we know really could happen. The dynamic storytelling will melt the heart of both the young and adult reader alike, so it’s simply not to be missed!” -


“This is a superb comic…” - Forbidden Planet International


“…production is really smart, and the art from Alex Moore is stunning.” - Comic Buzz


“Ultimately, this is a well-produced piece of work and a worthy first effort.” - Irish Comic News


TURNING TIGER: SPECIAL EDITION, a 58-page full-color paperback, will be on sale in stores April 1st for $7.99 and is available to order in the February 2012 edition of Diamond Previews (FEB120740, ISBN: 978-1-926914-87-9).

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