Marlow in the Sacramento News & Review

Marlow and his creator, Aaron Nelson, are featured in the Sacramento News & Review, a free magazine with 350,000 readers weekly. Marlow even made the cover! Below is some of what they had to say about the book, but you can read it in full over at THIS LINK (just head to page 16-19 for the feature).

“… That he’d never attempted comics was beside the point. Here, he says, he recognized a clear void: a comic-book hero based on one of the Greek literature greats…

Released this week and illustrated in bold, punch frames by Dario Carrasco, Marlow reads as a complex yet pulpy adventure rife with comic-book worthy images – a loyal band of allies, a cold-hearted villain, scheming pirates and a throng of soul-dead zombies – as well political themes that examine, among other subjects, globalism and the war on terror…”

The feature covers the history of Marlow as well as Nelson’s inspirations, writing history, and plans for the future. Be sure to read the entire feature by CLICKING HERE.

To order a copy of Marlow, keep reading!

ISBN: 978-1-897548-30-1

Diamond Code: SEP118014

Arcana Project Site:

Written By: Aaron Nelson

Art By: Dario Carrasco

Marlow is a zombie story inspired by Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. It’s about one man’s journey into the darkness of his soul, and his discovery that perhaps we’re all zombies. Marlow is an ex-Marine caught in a dilemma impossible to solve: commit atrocious acts for a global corporation in order to receive medicine that keeps him from reverting to a zombie state, or walk away and suffer the fate of becoming some terrible creature. Struggling with his fears of his affliction and the monster he might become, Marlow abandoned his wife and young daughter, losing his dignity and freedom as he chose a nihilistic life. It is only during this journey told in the story that Marlow realizes that perhaps by avoiding suffering he has become like the zombies he so fears to become and that the only way out is to suffer his fate and become one. “Marlow is a zombie tale about suffering and its part in our humanity, and, in that sense, not about zombies at all.

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