Geeks of Doom Reviews Dragons Vs Dinosaurs

Geeks of Doom recently reviewed Arcana’s Dragons Vs Dinosaurs. You can read it in full by CLICKING HERE, but below is a sampling from the review!

Dragons vs. Dinosaurs is an excellent action book; this not a comic for anyone looking to ponder the mysteries of the universe or political turmoil. Everything in this book should be taken for face value; it’s just plain and simple fun. Chris Eric Peterson has created the comic book equivalent of an 80?s action movie.

To pick up a copy… read on! You can even see an extended preview of the book!

TITLE: Dragons vs Dinosaurs

ISBN: 978-1-926914-66-4



DESCRIPTION: It is a world of struggle. Where conflict is measured by the fallen. An epic battle between numbers and power. This is a land where weakness is swallowed whole and spit out upon the merciless. This is not a battle between good and evil … this is Dragons Vs Dinosaurs.

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