Word of the Nerd Reviews Clay County

Clay County, one of our newest releases, was recently reviewed by Word of the Nerd… and they loved it!  To read the entire review, CLICK HERE, but read below for an excerpt!

The writing pulled me in from the beginning, the mix of different things like humour and action had me hooked. By the end, I only had one thought in my head and that was that this book could totally be turned into a movie and I’d go and see it the day it came out. It was that good…

As well as being impressed with the writer’s style and ability, I was also impressed by artist Adam Mrozowski. It’s not a style I’d usual go for in the books I read, I like a bit of realism or the typical ‘superhero’ style churned out by the big publishers, but this was a refreshing change for me and the art style fit well with the story being told…

Bottom line, it’s a great title and I would recommend you buy it. It has aliens, red necks and it will make you laugh and keep your attention, like it did me. If you want to get this book digitally, it is available from a number of sources, check here for those sources (if you still aren’t sold, there’s a preview on that link too, just to wet your whistle!). Alternatively, to buy this title in print, click here.

Thank you to Word of the Nerd for the review and, again, be sure to CLICK HERE to read it in full.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the book, read on!

Title:: Clay County

ISBN: 978-1-926914-79-4
Diamond Code: MAR120740
Arcana Title Link: http://arcana.com/view_issue.php?id=439 <– you can see an extended preview of the book at this link!
Description: The Earth is ruled by ruthless alien invaders who came to our planet seeking a mysterious power source known only as Sf-92. Now, one year later, the merciless aliens have crushed the planet’s armed forces and annihilated all freedom fighters. All but one: SGT Coleman is Earth’s last hope. If he can find Sf-92 then maybe–just maybe–he can use it against the alien conquerors and win mankind’s freedom. His search brings him to Clay County: a backward, redneck slice of the deep south that is completely unaware–or too drunk to care–of humanity’s subjugation by an alien army. Together with the unlikely allies of Clay County citizens Blake, Vern, Hot Dog and Root, Coleman sets out to find Sf-92 before the Earth’s otherworldly overlords, save mankind, and drink a few cold ones along the way.

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