The Making of Lucas over at Comic Book Monsters recently did a feature on Lucas with creator/writer David Murdoch. It’s definitely worth CLICKING HERE to read it in full… Lots of amazing imagery from the book along with David’s inspirations and techniques. To give you an idea, David says on there, “The creative process behind Lucas, how on earth do I explain this. My work is high-energy, raw. Sometimes ambiguous. When I started this book I put my focus on the narrative. My goal was to write something I felt could stand on its own and then adorn it in artwork that would only make it that much cooler. That much darker.”

Again, CLICK HERE to read the article in full. To pick up a copy of the book, read on!

Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-926914-78-7
Diamond Code: MAR120744
Arcana Title Link: <– Go here for an extended preview of the book!
In the backwoods farmland of Rural-Nowhere USA, dawn breaks. It’s coloring everything warmly. Red and gold and orange. A clutch of dried and dead trees frame a pile of bodies. Lucas stands over them.

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